The National Defense Committee of the National Assembly will have its final meeting in the morning of Nov. 16, Friday, in Korean time. Its’ Nov. 12 meeting was dissipated because of wide gap between the ruling and main opposition party. But since then the Democratic United Party (DP), the main opposition party has shown its compromising attitude that it is […]

    Catholic priests unite against the navy and police violence  While the civil disobedience movement declared by Prof. Shin Yong-In, in front of the construction site in Gangjoeng started on Nov. 12, Catholic priests made voice on the same day as well. Since Fr. Lee Young-Chan(Jesuit) was arrested and imprisoned on Oct. 24, the Catholic priests have been holding […]

1. Sit-in tent in the center of Seoul heats people’s war to cut the budget on the naval base project The struggle to stop 24 hour construction and cut the whole 2013 budget of 200.9 billion won on the Jeju naval base project is not only held in front of the construction gates in the village but in the center […]

    “Since I aspire for Jeju to be a place for our lives and a nest for our livelihood rather than a 2nd Hawaii, a global tour site that exploits our flesh & bones and makes us playthings, I walk this way crying for the end of the Jeju Special Law, abolition of the 2nd overall development plan, and the smashing […]

The National Assembly inspection on Oct. 24, 2012 exposed that at least 22 high-ranking police officers have been reemployed as high staff members of the employment-limited corporations, such as Samsung C & T, the main contracted company of the Jeju naval base project. Is it still strange that the police are loyal to get order on their performance from the […]

  It was Oct. 30 that the first 3,000 ton caisson supervised by Daelim Co. was made on the Gureombi Rock. To build this one, there was 24 hours construction since Oct. 25. No night construction for three days of Oct. 30, 31 and Nov. 1, as the workers needed time to dry it, move it to the coast near […]

  Sungshim, a Jeju native and Catholic follower (Lucia), was arrested around at 3:30pm, Oct 30, 2012 then released on the same day. It is a brief report based on the collected phone talks with her, chairwoman of the Gangjeong Catholic house, Taena’s mom, and Joan. Some of us dropped by her in the Seogwipo medical center around 10 pm […]

The night in Gangjeong is sleepless. Only on the day of Oct. 29, three people were carried to hospital during their protest, following another 3 people on the 1st night of Oct. 25. The police violence against people are more dangerous in the night. Concern and information spreading is urgently needed! The navy has planned to use 78 billion won […]

Even on Sunday, there was no rest for the people. The 24/7 construction (destruction) continued. Here is some collection of records.   Police Roughing out of people Photos and captions by Cho Sung-Bong(translated)   Injuries Witness 1 : Around 9pm, Oct. 28, Sun/ By Park Yong-In and Navi (translated)   Witness 2: Around 11:54pm, Oct. 28, Sun. / Park Young-In […]

On Oct. 27, Sat., it heavily rained during the daytime in Gangjeong, following the daytime rain on Oct. 26.  Sometimes even the lightening. Still the construction (destruction) did not stop. So the suffering of protesters went on, too. Though the rain stopped in the evening, overnight construction went on so 24 hour protest in shift went on, too. It was […]