To a cathedral crowded with Nuns and Priests as well as faithful Catholics and Gangjeong supporters, Jeju Bishop Kang Woo-il lead a mass demanding the release of Dr. Song Kang-Ho and Jesuit Brother Park Do-Hyun. The two were recently arrested and imprisoned since July 1st for exposing massive environmental violations by the main Gangjeong base construction companies, Daelim and Samsung. […]

Please spread! At the end of 2013 Gangjeong Grand March for Life and Peace (July 29 to Aug. 4), there is a huge and memorable human chain event for two hours in Gangeong village from noon to 2 pm on Aug. 4! The human chain is a succession of people’s daily human chain in front of the Jeju naval base […]

The above is a short video prepared for the press during the July 2nd press conference and also presented in court by Brother Song to appeal his arrest as illegal. The video is in Korean but you can see clearly three things: 1. The opening shows clearly that dredging was going on all day by two barges. 2. The second […]

Update: Mr. Lee Jong-Hwa was released from the court  after 55 days in jail as of  June 21. The court sentence on him at 10:30 am was 6 months imprisonment but two year’s probation. ……………………………………………………………… Magaret Sekaggya, UN Special rapporteur on the situation on Human Rights visited Gangjeong on June 4, 2013. In the press conference on June 7, she […]

  Roh Jong-Myon PD, one of the discharged reporters from the YTN wrote on Gangjeong in his blog on June 17, 2013. The below is an excerpted translation of his writing:     Six caissons of huge concrete structures, of which one is told to be a size of 10 story-apartment, are being dismantled, submerged under the sea. Not to mention […]

Related links: [May 27 to 30] A Renewal of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Status? The Jeju Sea is being killed now.    Navy and companies’ illegal dismantling of damaged caissons on the sea (Source: Jeju Internet News, May 29, 2013/ Original source: Gangjeong Village Association)   1. Maintenance of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve despite massacre of nature?/ People’s letter to the UNESCO    […]

  There was an original court judgement on Paco Booyah, an international peace worker staying in Gangjeong on Feb. 8, 2013. See here. He was the 1st international to stand in the court in person, in relation to the naval base project issue. On Feb. 8, the judge, Kim Kyung-Sun made a decision of ‘postponement of sentence’ on 700,000 won […]

 “Policemen, if you move this altar, 1 billion Catholic followers all over the world will watch over you.” The young Father Woo from Jeju finished ALL the orders of the Catholic mass despite the repeated remarks by Koo Seul-Hwan, security director of the Seogwipo Police Station, who was embarrassed but continued to threaten him that it is an obstruction of […]

1. Island government attributes the cause of failure in invitation of the UN CBD COP to people’s WCC protest Some representing Jeju internet media criticize the Jeju Island government to point out the protesters opposing the Jeju naval base project as the cause of its failure to invite the UN CBD COP 12 (UN Convention on Biological Diversity, 12th Conference […]

Red Hunt by director Cho Sung-bong . . .Documentary film about April 3 massacre Red Hunt 2 : State Crime     Here are some excerpts translated from the poignant  writing of Dir. Cho Sung-Bong on his 4·3 massacre films, Red Hunt and  Red Hunt 2. The Red Hunt 2 was titled as the ‘State Crime.’   On the film, […]