• "We can never abandon our Yonaguni island" (in Yonaguni language)

  • "Cheer up! Yonaguni!" (in Yonaguni language)

On April 7, People in Gangjeong made signs to support Yonaguni’s struggle for peace and carried them in the Gangjeong daily human chain to show solidarity with Yonaguni Island. The navy base in Gangjeong opened on Feb. 26 and the radar base in Yonaguni opened on Mar. 28, and we have much in common. Our natural environment is being destroyed, the local people are being manipulated and discriminated against by the mainland businesses, but nevertheless we have a vision of peaceful exchange and a world without war, and we won’t give up. Yonaguni friends, you are not alone! (Article by Simone)

The action was organized by Inter-Island Solidarity for Peace of Sea

The signs we made include the words like

“Yonaguni, you are not alone!”

“Self-defense forces, please leave Yonaguni, the island of peace. ”

“No Yonaguni Radar Base”

“We can never abandon our Yonaguni island” (in Yonaguni language)
“Cheer up! Yonaguni!” (in Yonaguni language)

Here is the video showing Yonaguni people’s protesting in front of the Radar Base on March 28.


Here is the video on March 7th recording our solidarity action for Yonaguni during the Gangjeong Daily Human Chain.