There are many ways that YOU can assist the global campaign to Save Jeju. We need your support!

1. Call the Korean Embassy
Contact the Korean embassy or consulate in your country and let them know that Jeju does not want a naval base! The militarization of Jeju Island runs contrary to its designation as the “Island of World Peace.” It will also undermine tourism, threaten the fragile island environment and contribute to the destabilization of an already stressed security climate.

2. Email Minister of Defense
Write the South Korean Defense Minister ( and demand a halt to construction of the naval base. Explain how a base that is directed at China is the beginning of a dangerous game that does not protect the future of South Korea – it undermines it.

3. Email Jeju Governor
Write Jeju Island Governor Woo Keun-Min ( and tell him how you feel about the military base that is being built on the pristine “Island of World Peace” Nine out of ten Gangjeong residents do not want this base.

4. Facebook
Stay updated on the resistance by joining the “No Naval Base on Jeju!” and “Save Jeju Island” Facebook pages.

5. Twitter
Follow and retweet @SaveJejuNow. Also follow and tweet/re-tweet #gangjeong and #강정 as well.

6. Contact the Media
Spread the word about the inspiring resistance in Jeju! Contact the media about this struggle . Urge them to cover this important story of peace, justice, and environmental care.

7. Petition
Sign the petition by international students demanding an end to the Jeju naval base construction project. After signing please share the petition with your social networks and friends.

8. Cultural Relics
Send a message to the Korean Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) and tell them that the relics discovered on the naval base site should result in an immediate halt to construction.

Contact Person: Ms Hyosang Jo, Staff, CHA International Affairs Division Address: 139 Seonsaro, Seo-gu Daejeon 302-701 Korea (RK) Tel: +82 (42) 481-4738 | Fax: +82 (42) 481-4738 | Email

9. Contact Political Opposition
Email or telephone opposition party members of the Korean National Assembly and tell them that they must publicly make a stand on behalf of Gangjeong. Click here for contact information

10. Prison Letters
Write letters of support to Gangjeong’s prisoners of conscience in Jeju Prison. Currently there are two prisoners in prisoner while awaiting trial, Mr. Park Seung-Ho (No. 290) and Mr. Kim Bok-Chul (No. 598) Include their name and number and mail letters to this address: Jeju Prison, 161, Ora-2 dong, Jeju City, Jeju the Peace Island, Korea

11. Solidarity
Hold solidarity actions, protests, and events. Invite your friends, families, networks, and others to inform them of what is happening and work together to stop it. Send details and pictures of your action or event to and we will put it on the website.

12. Translation and Proofreading
Are you good at proofreading or translating between English, Japanese, Korean, or Mandarin? We are always in need of proofreaders and translators, for the website, printed materials, reports, and many other things. Contact us at if you can help.

13. Visit Gangjeong!
Visitors are always welcome! Due to government oppression and entry denial of some visitors it is best to be vague with your plans and tell us you have arrived once you are already on Jeju. We gladly welcome short and long term visitors. See here for more details.

14. Get Creative
Use your creativity to think of at least one way in which you can personally support the Save Jeju struggle, then put it into action!