• Mr. Koh Gilchun poses beside the paintings by Emily Wang (Wang Yu-Hsuan), Taiwan, who was deported on April 26, this year.

  • People cheering after the opening ceremony of the exhibition

  • Group photo on the day.

  • A famous artist Hong Sung-Dam's banner. He presented four works specially for the exhibition.

  • International support letters to Yang Yoon-Mo are also displayed on a wall.

  • Many public relation materials including village international team's monthly newsletter copies are displayed with the background of a chronology of the struggle and photos.

  • Deulpul with her dolls that she has made during the struggle. The dolls are depictions of various people in the struggle.

  • Artist Koh Gilchun with Jeong Dauri and Kim Jong-Gil, staff of the Peace Museum. Photos by Jeong who is only 19 years old got great admiration from the audience on the day.

  • Photos of art activism- on the port wall, street in front of naval base construction gate, and naval fence.

  • Amid banners of international solidarity messages, Angie Zelter's earth flag is shown.

  • A photo of Benjamin Monnet who was deported on March 14, 2012.

  • A photo of a banner (a portrait of Dr. Song Kang-Ho) in the people's watch tower and another photo of Emily Wang with the policemen are shown on the wall.

  • Old warrior, Kwon Sool-Yong also visited the exhibition.

  • Villager poet Kim Sung-Kyu and people, cheering the exhibition

  • Village mayor Kang Dong-Kyun, novelist Hyun Ki-Young and Managing Director of the Peace Museum, Han Hong-Koo

  • The Shinzzakkot band, formed by three Gangjeong peace keepers cerebrated the opening of the exhibition.

  • Documentary and interview videos on the struggle of Gangjeong were displayed in four monitors, which helped audience to feel the sense of the struggle.

  • A painting banner by an artist is hung on the wall. The letters read, "Lets save Gangjeong."

  • Through the alley to the Peace Museum gate, murals are shown. Those are on the military coup by Park Chung-Hee (father of the current ROK President, Park Geun-Hye) and truth-examination on the death of Jang Joon-Ha, a respected political opponent leader in 1970s.

  • Jeju Gangjeong Art Activism Archive exhibition poster put in front of the Peace Museum gate.


此展示會的主題是「濟州海 戰/展(特意取韓語的同音異義字命名)」,展出期間為2013年6月28日~8月14日。展示的藝術作品中,分別有 Emily Wang (王郁萱)的畫作、Benjamin Monnet的旗幟、Angie Zelter的地球旗幟,這些人全都遭到韓國政府強制遣送出境。

寄給梁潤募教授的國際聲援信件也被展出,另外還有由江汀村國際組(尤其是編輯Paco Booyah)耗費心血所出版的江汀村英文月刊。

當日江汀村村長 姜東均江汀村詩人Kim Sung-Kyu,以及受尊崇的濟州四三小說家Hyun Ki-Young都參與了開幕式。展示會場除了江汀村的藝術行動主義外,還展示了江汀村抗爭年表、文宣資料、電影等等。

照片來源:高吉千 (here and here)、Lee Wooki (here)、 Oh Jayoung 、 Jo Yak Gol 以及Save Jeju Now。

影片:歌曲「一江汀」(意旨,最優的村莊),由「Shinzzakkot band 」樂團(由江汀村和平運動家所組成)於展示會開幕式(2013年6月28日)時所作之演出。(影片來源:高吉千,請見此)