Media coverage of Gangjeong Village’s anti-base struggle, from 2007-Present:

12.28.2012     Protesters demand justice for marginalized | UCA News
12.24.2012     Korea: Jesuit jailed over Jeju Island protest | independent catholic news
12.14.2012     On the Front Lines of a New Pacific War | The Nation.
12.14.2012     Court deems Jeju naval base lawful | Korea JoongAng Daily
11.30.2012     Trouble in paradise: Three people arrested in Gangjeong, South Korea, protesting naval base construction | Intrepid Report
11.20.2012     COREA DEL SUR: un segundo jesuita es arrestado por oponerse a la violencia | Noticias Jesuitas
11.19.2012     No alla base navale in Sud Corea: arrestato un secondo gesuita | popoli
11.19.2012     Jeju Island: A Pawn in the Imperial Struggle | subversive peacemaking
11.13.2012     Enjeux stratégiques en mer de Chine : île de Jeju, la résistance désespérée d’un village sud-coréen | rfi
11.06.2012     Antimilitarismo al estilo Surcoreano | War Resisters’ International
11.05.2012     South Korea: Need To Show More Commitments To Human Rights | Scoop Independent News
11.02.2012     Ahn calls for Lee’s apology over Jeju base plan | The Korea Times
10.31.2012     SOUTH KOREA: Need to show more commitments to improve its human rights | Asian Human Rights Commission
10.29.2012     Korean Village Could Be First Casualty of US Military’s “Pacific Pivot” | Earth Island Journal
10.29.2012     24/7 construction met with 24/7 resistance on Jeju Island | The Nuclear Resister
10.25.2012     ‘We are Gangjeong Style’: South Koreans protest military base on Jeju Island | WarTimes
10.22.2012     Antimilitarism South Korean Style | War Resisters’ International
10.19.2012     Korean Civil Society and Faith Leaders Protest Jeju Naval Base | Columban Fathers
10.18.2012     Navy report: Jeju naval base to accommodate US nuclear submarine | Hankyoreh
10.17.2012     ‘Island of Peace’ under siege | Journal Online
10.13.2012     2013: First year for Korean peace | Asia Times
10.11.2012     Evidence shows government ordered data doctored on Jeju naval base | Hankyoreh
10.08.2012     US Military Base in South Korea Threatens China: The Threat of Warships on an “Island of World Peace” | GlobalResearch
10.07.2012     The Threat of Warships on an “Island of World Peace” | Truthout
09.27.2012     South Korea’s Peace Villagers Can’t Stop the Budding US Defense Project, but They’ve Managed to Slow It Down | Truthout
09.20.2012     Solidarity Action with Jeju Island | Indybay
09.20.2012     A View of What’s to Come | Truthout
09.18.2012     Jeju environment conference ends without resolution on Gangjeong Village | Hankyoreh
09.12.2012     Resolution sought to halt Gangjeong naval base construction | Hankyoreh
09.11.2012     “Connecting the Dots: The Uprisings in Guahan, Kauai, and Jeju” | KPRG
09.11.2012     IUCN: Anti-Base Activists From Okinawa Not Allowed To Enter South Korea | Kurashi
09.09.2012     ‘Save Jeju’ Action | Columban Missionaries Britain
09.07.2012     Environmental conference kicks off in Jeju | Hankyoreh
09.07.2012     Environmentalists Stifled in Jeju | FPIF
09.07.2012     Environment Congress Looks First at the Island It’s Meeting On | Inter Press Service
09.06.2012     Naval Base Protest Rocks IUCN World Conservation Congress | Environment News Service
08.24.2012     Nicholson Baker Records a Protest Song | Slate
08.10.2012     Jeju Island Base Divides Korean, International Green Groups | Inter Press Service
08.09.2012     Riot police break up protesters’ Mass | UCA News
08.01.2012     Korea: Street Mass on Jeju Island | independent catholic news
08.01.2012     ‘To Protect Peace’ | sojourners
07.31.2012     The Imperial ‘Pivot’ to Asia-Pacific and the New Cold War | JUST
07.19.2012     Environmentalists Miss Chance to Protest Base | Foreign Policy in Focus
07.13.2012     IUCN Statement on Korean Environmental Issues
07.13.2012     Appeal:  International Action Week for No Naval Base | Gangjeong Int’l
07.05.2012     Supreme court rules Gangjeong naval base legal | Jeju Weekly
07.05.2012     Supreme court rules Jeju naval base construction lawful | Yonhap
06.23.2012     Large luxury cruise ship arrives in Jeju Island | Korea Times
06.21.2012     US initiating trilateral cooperation in Asia-Pacific and beyond | Hankyoreh
06.07.2012     South Korea to build base despite criticism | Turkish Weekly
06.05.2012     Press statement upon the Jeju forum of peace | Peace Network
06.02.2012     Korean navy defies governor and begins blasting in Jeju | Sunday Examiner
06.01.2012     Defending Korea’s Peace Island | The New Internationalist
05.28.2012     Heavy-handed immigration law irks foreigners | AsiaOne
05.08.2012     The Great Peace Movement on Jeju Island | Father John Dear
05.07.2012     Caisson to be dropped in waters at Jeju | The Korea Herald
05.06.2012     In South Korea, a small island town takes on the navy | LA Times
04.25.2012     IUCN statement:  Jeju civilian-military complex port development | IUCN
04.20.2012     South Korea’s Jeju Island, paradise with a dark side | The Washington Post
03.26.2012     Touch not one stone, one flower | Gwangju News
03.26.2012     Candlelit protest scheduled on Jeju Island | The Korea Times
03.23.2012     Seoul Rejects provincial appeal to re-examine naval base | Jeju Weekly
03.20.2012     New turmoil on Jeju as Gureombi is blasted | Hankyoreh

03.12.2012     Manifestations à Jeju : « Sommes-nous encore en démocratie ? », interrogent les évêques catholiques | EDA
03.12.2012     Grassroots international pressure…against Jeju naval base | Hankyoreh
03.10.2012     Liberal parties agree to form alliance for April elections | Yonhap
03.09.2012     Protests continue against building of South Korean naval base | CNN
03.09.2012     Complaint filed against woman critical of naval base | Korea Times
03.09.2012     Korean bishop rips government over naval base | CWN
03.09.2012     Demolitions reignite Jeju Island protests | Al Jazeera Stream
03.09.2012     DUP vows to stop Jeju naval base | JoongAng Daily
03.08.2012     Gorgeous photo increases fury over Jeju Island blasts | CNN Go
03.08.2012     Blasting continues on Jeju despite protests | The Korea Times
03.07.2012     Crews clear rocks for Jeju naval base | KBS World
03.07.2012     Jeju naval base faces strong protest | The Wall Street Journal
03.06.2012     Jeju requests temporary suspension of naval base project | Donga Ilbo
02.27.2012     Jeju hosts meeting on global militarization | Jeju Weekly
02.26.2012     Korean naval base protest priest wants jail term | CathNews
02.26.2012     Korean villagers gain international support for resistance to US base
02.24.2012     Anti-Base Campaigners Flock to World Heritage Jeju Island | ENS
02.24.2012     South Korean Catholic priests get suspended jail terms | The News Age
02.24.2012     4 clergymen given suspended prison terms over naval base protests
02.23.2012     President Lee presses China over North Korean defectors | Korean Herald
02.22.2012     Pres. Lee to Hold Special News Conference Wendesday | Arirang
02.21.2012     Lee to reiterate position on KORUS FTA, naval base plan | Korea Herald
02.18.2012     Rocky seas around Jeju naval base | Hankyoreh
02.17.2012     South Korea Cracks Down on Dissent | Huffington Post
02.16.2012     South Korea cracks down on dissent | Foreign Policy in Focus
02.05.2012     Robert Redford protests naval base plan on Jeju Island | Korea Times
02.04.2012     Village festival of fire marks lunar new year in celebration of peace | SJI
02.03.2012     New Naval Base a Threat to Jeju Island, South Korea | UCC
02.03.2012     Video | Jeju Island Documentary “A Call Against Arms” | Al Jazeera
02.03.2012     Imprisoned Professor Yang Yoon-Mo vows hunger strike till death | SJI
02.02.2012     The Battle for Jeju Island | By Robert Redford | OnEarth Magazine
02.01.2012     2012 Nobel Peace Prize nominee heading to Gangjeong village | Ekklesia
01.31.2012     Video | Feature length documentary on Jeju base in production | SJI
01.29.2012     The Gangjeong Village Resistance Newsletter Volume no.4
01.26.2012     Letter to ROK president addresses concerns for UNESCO site | WCRC
01.26.2012     The pivot towards Asia-Pacific and Jeju Island | Op-Ed News
01.25.2012     Controversial film on Gangjeong Village finally hits theatres | Hankyoreh
01.17.2012     Catholic organizations fighting Jeju naval base | Hankyoreh
01.16.2012     Asian Human Rights Commission “Disturbed” by Gangjeong violations
01.15.2012     Event | The People’s Struggle Against Militarism on Jeju Island
01.13.2012     Global Network news on Jeju Island naval base resistance | GN
01.11.2012     Photography of Civil Unrest from Gangjeong, South Korea | Memphis Flyer
01.02.2012     The Gangjeong Village Resistance Newsletter Volume no.3
01.01.2012     Share the Al Jazeera documentary about the Jeju Island base resistance
12.30.2011     Korean Lawmakers Reach Bipartisan Agreement on 2012 Budget | Arirang
12.26.2011     More than 100 writers to walk for peace till January 20th | Jeju Weekly
12.21.2011     Parties resume budget deliberations | Korea Herald
12.16.2011     At United Nations no comment on Jeju Island crackdown | Inner City Press
12.15.2011     Protest Heightens Against Base on Island of World Peace | Truthout
12.14.2011     Popping the Jeju Bubble (English version | FPIF
12.14.2011     Popping the Jeju Bubble (Korean translation) | FPIF/Asia Times
12.12.2011     Saving Jeju: The winnable fight we can’t afford to lose | Ceasefire Magazine
12.07.2011     Resisting militarism in Korea | Fellowship for Reconciliation
12.06.2011     Is S.Korean navy finally backed into a corner on the Jeju Base project?
12.05.2011     The Gangjeong Village Resistance Newsletter Volume no.2
12.05.2011     The Gangjeong Village Resistance Newsletter Volume no.1
12.04.2011     Final Statement of Mayor Kang Dong-Kyun at the Jeju Court House | SJI
11.21.2011     The story of one journalist jailed in gangjeong village | SJI
11.18.2011     Samsung the Coral Killer – Destroyer of Beaches | SJI
11.18.2011     Matthew Hoey continues campaign against Jeju naval base | Hankyoreh
11.18.2011     Expert: Jeju Island naval base will destroy livelihoods | Open Democracy
11.17.2011     Urgent Global Alert: All eyes on Jeju Island | Ground Report
11.16.2011     Help Stop Destruction of Jeju Island’s Pristine Volcanic Coastline
11.15.2011     Columbans in Korea protest construction of military base | ICN
11.10.2011     Trouble in Paradise – The Militarisation of Jeju Island | IPS
11.09.2011     A Call Against Arms | Al Jazeera
11.08.2011     US to use S. Korean base to project power against China? | RT
11.08.2011     Priests begin hunger strike | Catholic News
11.07.2011     At the Heart of Activism | Huffington Post
11.03.2011     Environmental Justice Abroad on Jeju Island | City on a Hill Press
11.02.2011     Closing Overseas Bases Is Good Policy and Good Politics | Antiwar
11.01.2011     Bases on the Dock | Truthout
10.31.2011     Company backs down over fence at Jeju base site | Hankyoreh
10.27.2011     Historic BCE artifacts found in Gangjeong | Jeju Weekly
10.26.2011     Speaker in Northampton to detail opposition to naval base | GazetteNET
10.20.2011     Defense Ministry misled civilians on Jeju base plan | Hankyoreh
10.17.2011     U.S. Seeks to Establish Naval Base on Jeju Island in Spite of Protests
10.17.2011     U.S. and South Korea: A Rosy Relationship, With Thorns | IPS
10.17.2011     Should Jeju have a naval base? | Korea Herald
10.16.2011     Legal protest dispersed during S.Korea-U.S. summit | Hankyoreh
10.16.2011     East Asia is becoming a region of increasing security challenges | PressTV
10.14.2011     South Korean naval base to trigger arms race | Russia Today
10.13.2011     Save Jeju activists outside the White House | Hankyoreh
10.13.2011     Planned base on Jeju Island has security implications for Asia | Japan Today
10.13.2011     Red carpet treatment for key US ally | Russia Today
10.13.2011     A Tiny Fishing Village Engulfed In A Geopolitical Maelstrom | Le Monde
10.11.2011     Catholic Church threatens revolt over Jeju Island base | UCA News
10.11.2011     Jeju Island Naval Base Facing Strong Resistance | Korean Beacon
10.11.2011     Save Jeju Island campaign to join rally against President Lee at White House
10.10.2011     ROK women’s organizations on crimes against teen girls by US military
10.09.2011     Of Bases and Budgets in South Korea | FPIF
10.08.2011     Preserving the Island of World Peace | ACTivist magazine
10.07.2011     Jeju: Island of Resistance | Waging Nonviolence
10.07.2011     Naval base plan stokes conflict on Jeju | Asia Times
10.07.2011     Naval base not only dock for Jeju Island | Washington Times
10.06.2011     U.S. base tests dueling interests in S. Korea | Washington Times
10.06.2011     The Threat of Warships on an ‘Island of World Peace’ | By Noam Chomsky
10.05.2011     Conflicts over naval base resurface on Jeju | Korea Times
10.05.2011     Video | South Korea on heels over Jeju naval base plan | PressTV
10.04.2011     Jeju Provincial Council announces opposition to naval base | Hankyoreh
10.04.2011     Students, workers from Hanjin arrested in Jeju | Joongang Daily
09.29.2011     Preserving the Island of World Peace Chomsky-Hoey op-ed | Hankyoreh
09.29.2011     Christine Ahn discusses Jeju Island on 94.1 Berkeley Radio
09.28.2011     The Jeju naval base and China | Peace Network Korea
09.26.2011     Jeju base discussed at New York University forum | Hankyoreh
09.23.2011     Standoff over South Korean naval base | Christian Science Monitor
09.22.2011     National Assembly’s Inspection of Gov’t Agencies Enters Day 4 | KBS
09.15.2011     Where is promised green growth? | Korea Times
09.13.2011     Construction of Disputed Navel Base Resumes | The Chosun Ilbo
09.09.2011     Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) statement on Jeju Island
09.09.2011     CCA Leaders support Korean Churches’ opposition to navy base plan
09.08.2011     Standoff escalates over Jeju naval base | Korea Herald
09.08.2011     Peace on Jeju Island | The Duke University Chronicle
09.08.2011     Two-sided agreement again Jeju base project to be flawed | Kyunghyang
09.07.2011     South Korea turns tourist resort into weapon | People’s Daily China
09.06.2011     Ruins uncovered at naval base site reveal Korea’s ancient past | Hankyoreh
09.06.2011     Gangjeong Mayor Kang joins Mayor’s for Peace while in Jeju prison
09.06.2011     Construction resumes on Jeju naval base, but rift remains | Yonhap
09.05.2011     Video | South Korea naval base construction resumes | BBC
09.05.2011     Democratic process needs to be restored in base dispute | Hankyoreh
09.05.2011     Will Jeju naval base trigger arms race in Asia? | Korea Times
09.05.2011     Voices of Gangjeong villagers ignored | Korea Times
09.04.2011     Video | South Koreans protest Jeju Island naval base construction | PressTV
09.04.2011     The “True Defenders” of Jeju Island | Garden Island News Hawaii
09.03.2011     Priests and lay people arrested for protesting against military base | CBCP
09.03.2011     Clashes erupt at ROK naval base site –  protests continue | MSNBC
09.03.2011     South Korea Halts an Anti-Base Protest (for now) | New York Times
09.03.2011     South Korean activists plan protest against base | Channel News Asia
09.03.2011     Video | South Korean activists gather in protest at Jeju naval base | BBC
09.02.2011     The truth behind the vote that brought a military base to paradise | SJI
09.02.2011     ROK Police Detain Island Activists Opposed to Base | New York Times
09.02.2011     South Korean activists protest at Jeju naval base | BBC
09.02.2011     Photos and updates | Police close the anti-naval base camp | Jeju Weekly
09.02.2011     South Korea police break up protest against navy base | AFP
09.01.2011     International security analyst Matthew Hoey discusses the Jeju Island base
09.01.2011     Inside the Gangjeong ‘Peace Camp’ | Jeju Weekly
09.01.2011     Police deployed to fortify Jeju base construction site | Hankyoreh
09.01.2011     South Korean village raided – many activists arrested | OpEdNews
08.31.2011     The plea of people ignored | Korea Times
08.31.2011     Crackdown imminent at naval site | Korea Times
08.31.2011     A blue print for preventing democracy on Jeju Island | Dong-a Ilbo
08.30.2011     District court forbids anti-base protests on Jeju | Joongang Daily
08.30.2011     Clash brewing at Gangjeong village | Korea Times
08.30.2011     Standoff escalates over Jeju naval base | Korea Herald
08.29.2011     Islanders favor referendum on Jeju naval base project: poll | Jeju Weekly
08.29.2011     “Obstructing Business”: South Koreans on the March | Huffington Post
08.29.2011     Does Hard-line Jeju Response Signal New ‘Public Safety’ Crackdown?
08.29.2011     Government should ease, not foster, social conflicts on Jeju | Korea Times
08.28.2011     Parliamentary panel begins inspection on Jeju naval base | Yonghap News
08.28.2011     Gangjeong naval base is a genie we can’t put back | Jeju Weekly
08.26.2011     Rival parties divided over standoff over Jeju naval base | Yonhap News
08.26.2011     Alternative Plans Needed in Jeju Naval Base Conflict | Kyunghyang
08.26.2011     [Editorial] A Jeju naval base referendum | Hankyoreh
08.26.2011     Residents of Tourist Haven Fight Plans to Build Naval Base | Truthout
08.26.2011     Jeju base site protesters challenge law authority | Joongang Daily
08.26.2011     Police arrest priest in Jeju protest | Catholic News
08.25.2011     Construction, protests and arrests intensify Jeju naval base standoff
08.25.2011     Anglicans join opposition to naval base | UCA News
08.24.2011     Conflicts over Jeju naval base escalate | Korea Times
08.22.2011     Jeju Naval Base and Security Dilemma | Peace Network Korea
08.21.2011     South Korea: The Church against the military base in Jeju Island
08.19.2011     South Korean Navy Base Divides Jeju Island Residents | New York Times
08.19.2011     Naval Base Tears Apart Korean Village | FPIF
08.18.2011     A Naval Base in South Korea (Continued) | New York Times
08.18.2011     Bishop Peter Kang issues letter against naval base | UCA News
08.17.2011     Sung-Hee Choi released from Korean prison; Jeju resistance mounts
08.17.2011     Final Testimony of Choi Sung-Hee | Save Jeju Island Campaign
08.17.2011     Islanders fearing superpower squeeze | International Herald Tribune
08.16.2011     Jeju Naval Base and National Interests of Korea | Peace Network Korea
08.16.2011     Additional police from mainland deployed to Gangjeong | Jeju Weekly
08.15.2011     Jeju Island naval base tensions escalate with arrival of riot police from Seoul
08.15.2011     National and International Protests Challenge Naval Base | Japan Focus
08.15.2011     An American Jeju? | Jeju Weekly
08.14.2011     Seoul police deploy 500 officers to Jeju | Hankyoreh
08.13.2011     Activists rally against new S Korea navy base | Al Jazeera
08.12.2011     Save Jeju, save peace | Korea Times
08.07.2011     Row deepens over naval base project in Jeju | Korea Times
08.07.2011     Controversy over Jeju naval base mounts | Korea Herald
08.06.2011     The Arms Race Intrudes on Paradise  | New York Times
08.05.2011     Unwanted Missiles for a Korean Island | New York Times
08.04.2011     5-party coalition announces opposition to Jeju base | Hankyoreh
08.01.2011     Defending the island of peace | Korean Quarterly
07.27.2011     Endangered peace in Gangjeong Village | Hankyoreh
07.21.2011     Update on Jeju Island via Reaching Critical Will (RCW)
07.20.2011     Naval Base Construction in Jeju-do Not Something to Be Left to Navy Alone
07.19.2011     Rising tension in Gangjeong w/images | Jeju Weekly
07.18.2011     South Korean Crackdown on Peace Activists w/satellite image
07.17.2011     The 1542nd day against the naval base construction on Jeju Island
07.16.2011     Police crack down on peaceful resistance to Jeju Island naval base
07.15.2011     More activists arrested at Jeju naval base protest site
07.11.2011     Protests Challenge Naval Base Construction on Jeju Island
06.15.2011     Korea women want nature instead of naval base on Jeju Island
06.15.2011     Koreans resume hunger strikes opposing proposed naval base
05.15.2011     Wasting Lives and Money | By Fmr. Senator Fritz Hollings
06.13.2011     Villagers resist base construction on Jeju Island
06.13.2011     Stop the Construction of Naval Base at Gangjeong on Jeju Island
06.07.2011     Protecting Natural Reserve from Naval Base Construction
06.02.2011     Escalating an Asian Arms Race
04.10.2011     Island of Peace? The peace culture of Jeju Island
02.06.2011     Maritime security takes center stage
07.16.2010     Court gives nod to big Navy port on Jeju Island South Korea
06.30.2010     Jeju islanders want love not war
05.03.2010     U.S. complicit in Jeju Island massacre?
04.27.2010     South Korea to Build Naval Base on Jeju Island
02.02.2010     Korean Navy launches first destroyer task flotilla
01.19.2010     Protestors removed from planned base site
01.18.2010     Korean Police Arrest Protesters Against Jeju Island Naval Base
08.28.2009     Beleaguered Jeju governor survives recall vote
07.15.2009     Recall Vote on Jeju Governor Gets Nod
06.30.2009     Vote to Unseat Jeju Governor Planned in Response to Base Plans
04.27.2009     K2 Tank Production Suffers Budget Cut – Jeju Base Remains Funded
10.20.2008     Protesting Aegis in Maine and South Korea
08.03.2007     Military to Buy Land for Naval Base on Jeju Next Year
07.25.2007     Korean ‘peace’ island diocese launches effort to attack ‘evil’ of naval base
07.20.2007     Jeju Residents Clash Over Naval Base Plan
05.23.2007     Priests go on hunger strike to protest naval base plan
05.10.2007     Bishop voices opposition to naval base, stating arms can’t guarantee peace
05.07.2007     Jeju still split as base decision nears
05.01.2007     South Jeju citizens resist navy base construction | Hankyoreh
04.27.2007     Priests, nuns protesting against naval base plan arrested
04.25.2007     Jeju must consider the nation’s needs