1. English and other non-Korean language Media coverage of Gangjeong Village’s anti-base struggle, from 2007-Present (If you know of links that are not here let us know!):


Dec. 19 [Hankyoreh] Scholars, activists worldwide opposed to construction of 2nd airport on Jeju

Dec. 19 [Korea Times] 507 international scholars, activists oppose Jeju’s 2nd airport 


Oct. 28 [Hankyoreh] An elderly woman’s terrifying memories of being tortured by soldiers at 12 years old

Oct. 26 [Hankyoreh] Civic groups demand apology from US for massacres in April 3 “incident”

Oct. 13 [South China Morning Post] Jeju jittery as US warship visit reminds islanders of dark chapter in South Korea’s history

Oct. 11 [Hankyoreh]Peace activists protest International Naval Review in waters off Jeju


Dec. 13 [Hankyoreh] Government drops lawsuit against Gangjeong Village residents

Nov. 24  [Hankyoreh] American nuclear submarine enters Jeju Naval Base.

Nov. 8 [Hankyoreh] [Photo] Father Mun continues to protest US troop presence in South Korea 

July 27 [Hankyoreh][Photo] Damage confirmed to coral reefs off of Gangjeong Village

June 21 [Hankyoreh] USS Destroyer and Canadian Naval Warships make first docking at Jeju naval base

June 16 [Hankyoreh] How outsiders found a home as guardians of Jeju’s Gangjeong Village

May 13 [Hankyoreh] [Photo] Gangjeong Village marks ten years of struggle

April 27 [Hankyoreh] Vietnam pieta: a last lullaby for peace in Vietnam, on Jeju Island 

April 2 [Hankyoreh] [Reportage] After ten-year struggle, Gangjeong villagers beset by government indemnity claims

March 27 [Hankyoreh] [Reportage] After ten-year struggle, Gangjeong villagers beset by government indemnity claims

Feb. 7  [Hankyoreh] Civic groups oppose deployment of stealth destroyer to Jeju Naval Base

Feb. 1  [Reporter’s notebook] Residents of Gangjeong Village left scarred and bloody


Oct. 5  [Truth Out] A Cynical Environmentalism: Protecting Nature to Prepare for War

June 29 [Hankyoreh] [News analysis] What’s the real reason the Sewol left port that night?

June 28 [Hankyoreh] Sewol Commission lodges suits against lawmaker and journalist

June 21 [Jeju Weekly] Gangjeong fears as bulldozers move in again

June 10 [The Ecologist] Jeju Islanders resist airport megaproject

June 8 [OpEdNews] After Eight Years of Protest of Construction of Naval Base, Gangjeong Villagers Sued by South Korean Navy

March 30 [Hankyoreh] Navy files suit for losses against locals that opposed naval base in Jeju

March 11 [YAV site-Daejeon] Heartbreak for Jeju

Feb. 27  [Hankyoreh Photo] Gangjeong Village declared a peace village

Feb. 26 [Hankyoreh Photo] Gangjeong Village naval base construction completed

Feb. 26 [NK News] Jeju port completed, may pressure N.Korean WMD transport

Jan. 3  [Korae FM] US Vets Protest Jeju Naval Base


Dec/ 29, 2015 [Jeju Weekly] Aegis arrival opens  naval era for Jeju

Dec. 9, 2015 [Hankyoreh] Visiting US veterans say Gangjeong Naval Base won’t lead to peace

Dec. 2, 2015 [Hankyoreh] With naval base, can Jeju remain an “Island of World Peace”?

Nov. 30, 2015 [Hankyoreh][Feature] One gov’t critic now feeling the brunt of “politics of vengeance and retribution”

Nov. 25, 2015 [Hankyoreh]Exhibition shows scars of 3,000 days of struggle on Jeju’s Gangjeong Village

Nov. 4, 2015   [Common Dreams]Islanders Unite to Resist a New Pacific War

Oct. 26, 2015 [Korea Herald] Navy to open Jeju base in Dec.

Sept. 20, 2015 [Independent Catholic News]South Korea: No Naval Base on Jeju

Sept. 17, 2015 [Hankyoreh]First vessel arrives at contested naval base on Jeju Island

Sept. 16, 2015 [Times Record opinion] Where Do These Destroyers Go?

Sept. 15, 2015    [International Strategy Center] Against All Odds: Celebrating Life and Peace in Jeju Island

May 11, 2015 [Hankyoreh] Artists’ years of support by mother and sister the basis for film on labor’s agony

Feb. 2, 2015  [Editorial] Destruction of Gangjeong Village tents warrants more than limp regret

Jan. 17, 2015 HanCinema’s Film Review|“Torment in the Paradise” (* The official title of the movie is Mira Story)

Jan. 8, 2015   Consortium News|Resisting a Navy Base on China’s Periphery


12. 19. 2014  Jeju Weekly| Lessons from Nanjing for Jeju Island

12. 16. 2014 National Catholic Reporter| Despite age and poor health, Jesuit activist continues to fight for peace

12.05-07. 2014  Counter Punch|Jeju: “Island of Peace” in the Crosshairs of War

06.19.2014 Going to Gangjeong Changed my life |Jeju Weekly


10.31.2013    Daily resistance to the forces of militarism on Jeju | Pax Christi USA
10.27.2013    Ghosts of Jeju: The history behind the resistance to a naval base on Korea’s island of peace | TC Daily Planet
10.24.2013    Irish Missionaries lead Korea Military Protest | The Irish Catholic
10.17.2013    America’s Destructive Pivot to Asia by Ann Wright | Op-Ed News
07.10.2013   Will S. Korea’s New Naval Base Provoke China? by Andrew Yeo | The Diplomat
05.29.2013   Bringing War to the “Island of Peace” | Scientific American
04.22.2013   Why I Went to Jeju by Dud Hendrick | War Is a Crime
04.16.2013   Non-violence in times of war: Protest and resilience in Jeju, South Korea | Intrepid Report
04.15.2013  Maine, US, US Honoring Their Descendants | The Times Record
03.13.2013   Priests were apparently turned away for their views on conflict with North Korea and naval base construction on Jeju Island | Hankyoreh
03.08.2013   Why Women Must End the Korean War | FPIF
02.28.2013    North Korea and the United States: Will the Real Aggressor Please Stand Down? | Truth Out
02.28.2013   Statement Opposing U.S.-South Korea Joint Military Exercises Key Resolve Foal Eagle | War is A Crime
02.28.2013   Stop War Games, Start Peace Talks | War Is a Crime
02.23.2013    The US- North Korea Confrontation: All-out War or Permanent Peace in the Region? | Global Research News
02.16.2013    STOP WAR GAMES, START PEACE TALKS | Space 4 Peace
02.14.2013    Jeju Island: Assault on Island of Peace | Just Comment
02.06.2013    Korean Spy Agency Accused of Influencing Presidential Election | koreaBANG
02.05.2013    Support the Residents of the Jeju Islands off the Coast of Korea to Stop Construction of the Jeju Naval Base Resolution Petition | City of Berkeley
02.04.2013    Japan bishops add support to Jeju protest | UCA News
02.01.2013    Jeju Protester Given 18 Month Jail Sentence | The Ghosts of Jeju
01.30.2013    Korea’s new right-wing president | Socialist Worker
01.28.2013    Jeju Naval Base Protests in Seoul | Social Movements in World Politics
01.25.2013    Jeju’s Future After the Election | Peace Network
01.23.2013   Opposition lawmakers, defense ministry clash over Jeju naval base | Yonhap
01.15.2013    Blowback in the Asia-Pacific: Another US Naval Base in Jeju Island, Korea DIRECTLY TARGETING CHINA | The 4th Media
01.14.2013   Olle newcomers: A review of Jeju Olle Course 7 | Jeju World Wide
01.13.2013   30,000 reasons to say no to the naval base in Jeju | Not Only For Myself
01.11.2013   Is new Korean president out of step with the Church? | Sunday Examiner
01.08.2013     #Gangjeong: “To Honor Our Descendants, We Cannot Stop” | Code Pink Coordinator
01.07.2013     Waiting for peaceful sunlight | Hankyoreh
01.04.2013    Jeju Island Naval Base- A Threat to the South Korean Island of World Peace | Columban Fathers
01.02.2013     Resisting Racism and Militarism in 2013 | War Is a Crime
01.02.2013     Defenders of the Planet in Gangjeong, South Korea | Code Pink Coordinator
01.01.2013     South Korea parliament belatedly approves 2013 budget | Gulf News
01.01.2013     Korean Lawmakers Fail to Strike Deal on 2013 Budget | Arirang


12.28.2012     Protesters demand justice for marginalized | UCA News
12.24.2012     Korea: Jesuit jailed over Jeju Island protest | Independent Catholic News
12.14.2012     On the Front Lines of a New Pacific War | The Nation.
12.14.2012     Court deems Jeju naval base lawful | Korea JoongAng Daily
11.30.2012     Trouble in paradise: Three people arrested in Gangjeong, South Korea, protesting naval base construction | Intrepid Report
11.20.2012     COREA DEL SUR: un segundo jesuita es arrestado por oponerse a la violencia | Noticias Jesuitas
11.19.2012     No alla base navale in Sud Corea: arrestato un secondo gesuita | popoli
11.19.2012     Jeju Island: A Pawn in the Imperial Struggle | Subversive Peacemaking
11.13.2012     Enjeux stratégiques en mer de Chine : île de Jeju, la résistance désespérée d’un village sud-coréen | rfi
11.06.2012     Antimilitarismo al estilo Surcoreano | War Resisters’ International
11.05.2012     South Korea: Need To Show More Commitments To Human Rights | Scoop Independent News
11.02.2012     Ahn calls for Lee’s apology over Jeju base plan | The Korea Times
10.31.2012     SOUTH KOREA: Need to show more commitments to improve its human rights | Asian Human Rights Commission
10.29.2012     Korean Village Could Be First Casualty of US Military’s “Pacific Pivot” | Earth Island Journal
10.29.2012     24/7 construction met with 24/7 resistance on Jeju Island | The Nuclear Resister
10.25.2012     ‘We are Gangjeong Style’: South Koreans protest military base on Jeju Island | WarTimes
10.22.2012     Antimilitarism South Korean Style | War Resisters’ International
10.19.2012     Korean Civil Society and Faith Leaders Protest Jeju Naval Base | Columban Fathers
10.18.2012     Navy report: Jeju naval base to accommodate US nuclear submarine | Hankyoreh
10.17.2012     ‘Island of Peace’ under siege | Journal Online
10.13.2012     2013: First year for Korean peace | Asia Times
10.11.2012     Evidence shows government ordered data doctored on Jeju naval base | Hankyoreh
10.08.2012     US Military Base in South Korea Threatens China: The Threat of Warships on an “Island of World Peace” | GlobalResearch
10.07.2012     The Threat of Warships on an “Island of World Peace” | Truthout
09.27.2012     South Korea’s Peace Villagers Can’t Stop the Budding US Defense Project, but They’ve Managed to Slow It Down | Truthout
09.20.2012     Solidarity Action with Jeju Island | Indybay
09.20.2012     A View of What’s to Come | Truthout
09.18.2012     Jeju environment conference ends without resolution on Gangjeong Village | Hankyoreh
09.12.2012     Resolution sought to halt Gangjeong naval base construction | Hankyoreh
09.11.2012     “Connecting the Dots: The Uprisings in Guahan, Kauai, and Jeju” | KPRG
09.11.2012     IUCN: Anti-Base Activists From Okinawa Not Allowed To Enter South Korea | Kurashi
09.09.2012     ‘Save Jeju’ Action | Columban Missionaries Britain
09.07.2012     Environmental conference kicks off in Jeju | Hankyoreh
09.07.2012     Environmentalists Stifled in Jeju | FPIF
09.07.2012     Environment Congress Looks First at the Island It’s Meeting On | Inter Press Service
09.06.2012     Naval Base Protest Rocks IUCN World Conservation Congress | Environment News Service
08.24.2012     Nicholson Baker Records a Protest Song | Slate
08.10.2012     Jeju Island Base Divides Korean, International Green Groups | Inter Press Service
08.09.2012     Riot police break up protesters’ Mass | UCA News
08.01.2012     Korea: Street Mass on Jeju Island | Independent Catholic News
08.01.2012     ‘To Protect Peace’ | Sojourners
07.31.2012     The Imperial ‘Pivot’ to Asia-Pacific and the New Cold War | JUST
07.19.2012     Environmentalists Miss Chance to Protest Base | Foreign Policy in Focus
07.13.2012     IUCN Statement on Korean Environmental Issues | IUCN
07.13.2012     Appeal:  International Action Week for No Naval Base | Gangjeong Int’l
07.05.2012     Supreme court rules Gangjeong naval base legal | Jeju Weekly
07.05.2012     Supreme court rules Jeju naval base construction lawful | Yonhap
06.23.2012     Large luxury cruise ship arrives in Jeju Island | Korea Times
06.21.2012     US initiating trilateral cooperation in Asia-Pacific and beyond | Hankyoreh
06.07.2012     South Korea to build base despite criticism | Turkish Weekly
06.05.2012     Press statement upon the Jeju forum of peace | Peace Network
06.02.2012     Korean navy defies governor and begins blasting in Jeju | Sunday Examiner
06.01.2012     Defending Korea’s Peace Island | The New Internationalist
05.28.2012     Heavy-handed immigration law irks foreigners | AsiaOne
05.08.2012     The Great Peace Movement on Jeju Island | Father John Dear
05.07.2012     Caisson to be dropped in waters at Jeju | The Korea Herald
05.06.2012     In South Korea, a small island town takes on the navy | LA Times
04.25.2012     IUCN statement:  Jeju civilian-military complex port development | IUCN
04.20.2012     South Korea’s Jeju Island, paradise with a dark side | The Washington Post
03.26.2012     Touch not one stone, one flower | Gwangju News
03.26.2012     Candlelit protest scheduled on Jeju Island | The Korea Times
03.23.2012     Seoul Rejects provincial appeal to re-examine naval base | Jeju Weekly
03.20.2012     New turmoil on Jeju as Gureombi is blasted | Hankyoreh
03.16.2012     Åttonde rapporten från Gangjoeng | zitzer
03.12.2012     Manifestations à Jeju : « Sommes-nous encore en démocratie ? », interrogent les évêques catholiques | EDA
03.12.2012     Grassroots international pressure…against Jeju naval base | Hankyoreh
03.11.2012     Sjunde rapporten från Gangjoeng | zitzer
03.10.2012     Liberal parties agree to form alliance for April elections | Yonhap
03.09.2012     Protests continue against building of South Korean naval base | CNN
03.09.2012     Complaint filed against woman critical of naval base | Korea Times
03.09.2012     Korean bishop rips government over naval base | CWN
03.09.2012     Demolitions reignite Jeju Island protests | Al Jazeera Stream
03.09.2012     DUP vows to stop Jeju naval base | JoongAng Daily
03.08.2012     Gorgeous photo increases fury over Jeju Island blasts | CNN Go
03.08.2012     Blasting continues on Jeju despite protests | The Korea Times
03.08.2012     Sjätte rapporten från Gangjeong | zitzer
03.07.2012     Crews clear rocks for Jeju naval base | KBS World
03.07.2012     Jeju naval base faces strong protest | The Wall Street Journal
03.06.2012     Jeju requests temporary suspension of naval base project | Donga Ilbo
03.04.2012     Femte rapporten från Gangjeong | zitzer
03.03.2012     Fjärde rapporten från Seoul | zitzer
02.27.2012     Tredje rapporten från Gangjeong | zitzer
02.27.2012     Jeju hosts meeting on global militarization | Jeju Weekly
02.26.2012     Korean naval base protest priest wants jail term | CathNews
02.26.2012     Korean villagers gain international support for resistance to US base | Ekklesia
02.26.2012     Andra rapporten från Gangjeong | zitzer
02.24.2012     Första rapporten från Gangjeong | zitzer
02.24.2012     Anti-Base Campaigners Flock to World Heritage Jeju Island | ENS
02.24.2012     South Korean Catholic priests get suspended jail terms | The News Age
02.24.2012     4 clergymen given suspended prison terms over naval base protests | The Korea Times
02.23.2012     President Lee presses China over North Korean defectors | Korean Herald
02.22.2012     Pres. Lee to Hold Special News Conference Wendesday | Arirang
02.21.2012     Lee to reiterate position on KORUS FTA, naval base plan | Korea Herald
02.18.2012     Rocky seas around Jeju naval base | Hankyoreh
02.17.2012     South Korea Cracks Down on Dissent | Huffington Post
02.16.2012     South Korea cracks down on dissent | Foreign Policy in Focus
02.05.2012     Robert Redford protests naval base plan on Jeju Island | Korea Times
02.04.2012     Village festival of fire marks lunar new year in celebration of peace | SJI
02.03.2012     New Naval Base a Threat to Jeju Island, South Korea | UCC
02.03.2012     Video | Jeju Island Documentary “A Call Against Arms” | Al Jazeera
02.03.2012     Imprisoned Professor Yang Yoon-Mo vows hunger strike till death | SJI
02.02.2012     The Battle for Jeju Island By Robert Redford | OnEarth Magazine
02.01.2012     2012 Nobel Peace Prize nominee heading to Gangjeong village | Ekklesia
01.26.2012     Letter to ROK president addresses concerns for UNESCO site | WCRC
01.26.2012     The pivot towards Asia-Pacific and Jeju Island | Op-Ed News
01.25.2012     Controversial film on Gangjeong Village finally hits theatres | Hankyoreh
01.17.2012     Catholic organizations fighting Jeju naval base | Hankyoreh
01.16.2012     Asian Human Rights Commission “Disturbed” by Gangjeong violations | Asian Human Rights Commission
01.13.2012     Global Network news on Jeju Island naval base resistance | GN
01.11.2012     Photography of Civil Unrest from Gangjeong, South Korea | Memphis Flyer


12.30.2011     Korean Lawmakers Reach Bipartisan Agreement on 2012 Budget | Arirang
12.26.2011     More than 100 writers to walk for peace till January 20th | Jeju Weekly
12.21.2011     Parties resume budget deliberations | Korea Herald
12.16.2011     At United Nations no comment on Jeju Island crackdown | Inner City Press
12.15.2011     Protest Heightens Against Base on Island of World Peace | Truthout
12.14.2011     Popping the Jeju Bubble (English version | FPIF
12.14.2011     Popping the Jeju Bubble (Korean translation) | FPIF/Asia Times
12.12.2011     Saving Jeju: The winnable fight we can’t afford to lose | Ceasefire Magazine
12.07.2011     Resisting militarism in Korea | Fellowship for Reconciliation
12.06.2011     Is S.Korean navy finally backed into a corner on the Jeju Base project? | Hankyoreh
12.04.2011     Final Statement of Mayor Kang Dong-Kyun at the Jeju Court House | SJI
11.21.2011     The story of one journalist jailed in gangjeong village | SJI
11.18.2011     Samsung the Coral Killer – Destroyer of Beaches | SJI
11.18.2011     Matthew Hoey continues campaign against Jeju naval base | Hankyoreh
11.18.2011     Expert: Jeju Island naval base will destroy livelihoods | Open Democracy
11.17.2011     Urgent Global Alert: All eyes on Jeju Island | Ground Report
11.16.2011     Help Stop Destruction of Jeju Island’s Pristine Volcanic Coastline | OPED News
11.15.2011     Columbans in Korea protest construction of military base | ICN
11.10.2011     Trouble in Paradise – The Militarisation of Jeju Island | IPS
11.09.2011     A Call Against Arms | Al Jazeera
11.08.2011     US to use S. Korean base to project power against China? | RT
11.08.2011     Priests begin hunger strike | Catholic News
11.07.2011     At the Heart of Activism | Huffington Post
11.03.2011     Environmental Justice Abroad on Jeju Island | City on a Hill Press
11.02.2011     Closing Overseas Bases Is Good Policy and Good Politics | Antiwar
11.01.2011     Bases on the Dock | Truthout
10.31.2011     Company backs down over fence at Jeju base site | Hankyoreh
10.27.2011     Historic BCE artifacts found in Gangjeong | Jeju Weekly
10.26.2011     Speaker in Northampton to detail opposition to naval base | GazetteNET
10.20.2011     Defense Ministry misled civilians on Jeju base plan | Hankyoreh
10.17.2011     U.S. Seeks to Establish Naval Base on Jeju Island in Spite of Protests
10.17.2011     U.S. and South Korea: A Rosy Relationship, With Thorns | IPS
10.17.2011     Should Jeju have a naval base? | Korea Herald
10.16.2011     Legal protest dispersed during S.Korea-U.S. summit | Hankyoreh
10.16.2011     East Asia is becoming a region of increasing security challenges | PressTV
10.14.2011     South Korean naval base to trigger arms race | Russia Today
10.13.2011     Save Jeju activists outside the White House | Hankyoreh
10.13.2011     Planned base on Jeju Island has security implications for Asia | Japan Today
10.13.2011     Red carpet treatment for key US ally | Russia Today
10.13.2011     A Tiny Fishing Village Engulfed In A Geopolitical Maelstrom | Le Monde
10.11.2011     Catholic Church threatens revolt over Jeju Island base | UCA News
10.11.2011     Jeju Island Naval Base Facing Strong Resistance | Korean Beacon
10.11.2011     Save Jeju Island campaign to join rally against President Lee at White House | PRLOG.org
10.09.2011     Of Bases and Budgets in South Korea | FPIF
10.08.2011     Preserving the Island of World Peace | ACTivist magazine
10.07.2011     Jeju: Island of Resistance | Waging Nonviolence
10.07.2011     Naval base plan stokes conflict on Jeju | Asia Times
10.07.2011     Naval base not only dock for Jeju Island | Washington Times
10.06.2011     U.S. base tests dueling interests in S. Korea | Washington Times
10.06.2011     The Threat of Warships on an ‘Island of World Peace’ | By Noam Chomsky
10.05.2011     Conflicts over naval base resurface on Jeju | Korea Times
10.05.2011     Video | South Korea on heels over Jeju naval base plan | PressTV
10.04.2011     Jeju Provincial Council announces opposition to naval base | Hankyoreh
10.04.2011     Students, workers from Hanjin arrested in Jeju | Joongang Daily
09.29.2011     Preserving the Island of World Peace Chomsky-Hoey op-ed | Hankyoreh
09.29.2011     Christine Ahn discusses Jeju Island | 94.1 Berkeley Radio
09.28.2011     The Jeju naval base and China | Peace Network Korea
09.26.2011     Jeju base discussed at New York University forum | Hankyoreh
09.23.2011     Standoff over South Korean naval base | Christian Science Monitor
09.22.2011     National Assembly’s Inspection of Gov’t Agencies Enters Day 4 | KBS
09.15.2011     Where is promised green growth? | Korea Times
09.13.2011     Construction of Disputed Navel Base Resumes | The Chosun Ilbo
09.08.2011     Standoff escalates over Jeju naval base | Korea Herald
09.08.2011     Peace on Jeju Island | The Duke University Chronicle
09.08.2011     Two-sided agreement again Jeju base project to be flawed | Kyunghyang
09.07.2011     South Korea turns tourist resort into weapon | People’s Daily China
09.06.2011     Ruins uncovered at naval base site reveal Korea’s ancient past | Hankyoreh
09.06.2011     Gangjeong Mayor Kang joins Mayor’s for Peace while in Jeju prison | 2020 Vision Campaign
09.06.2011     Construction resumes on Jeju naval base, but rift remains | Yonhap
09.05.2011     Video | South Korea naval base construction resumes | BBC
09.05.2011     Democratic process needs to be restored in base dispute | Hankyoreh
09.05.2011     Will Jeju naval base trigger arms race in Asia? | Korea Times
09.05.2011     Voices of Gangjeong villagers ignored | Korea Times
09.04.2011     Video | South Koreans protest Jeju Island naval base construction | PressTV
09.04.2011     The “True Defenders” of Jeju Island | Garden Island News Hawaii
09.03.2011     Priests and lay people arrested for protesting against military base | CBCP
09.03.2011     Clashes erupt at ROK naval base site –  protests continue | MSNBC
09.03.2011     South Korea Halts an Anti-Base Protest (for now) | New York Times
09.03.2011     South Korean activists plan protest against base | Channel News Asia
09.03.2011     Video | South Korean activists gather in protest at Jeju naval base | BBC
09.02.2011     The truth behind the vote that brought a military base to paradise | SJI
09.02.2011     ROK Police Detain Island Activists Opposed to Base | New York Times
09.02.2011     South Korean activists protest at Jeju naval base | BBC
09.02.2011     Photos and updates | Police close the anti-naval base camp | Jeju Weekly
09.02.2011     South Korea police break up protest against navy base | AFP
09.01.2011     Inside the Gangjeong ‘Peace Camp’ | Jeju Weekly
09.01.2011     Police deployed to fortify Jeju base construction site | Hankyoreh
09.01.2011     South Korean village raided – many activists arrested | OpEdNews
08.31.2011     The plea of people ignored | Korea Times
08.31.2011     Crackdown imminent at naval site | Korea Times
08.31.2011     A blue print for preventing democracy on Jeju Island | Dong-a Ilbo
08.30.2011     District court forbids anti-base protests on Jeju | Joongang Daily
08.30.2011     Clash brewing at Gangjeong village | Korea Times
08.30.2011     Standoff escalates over Jeju naval base | Korea Herald
08.29.2011     Islanders favor referendum on Jeju naval base project: poll | Jeju Weekly
08.29.2011     “Obstructing Business”: South Koreans on the March | Huffington Post
08.29.2011     Does Hard-line Jeju Response Signal New ‘Public Safety’ Crackdown? | Kyunghyang Shinmun
08.29.2011     Government should ease, not foster, social conflicts on Jeju | Korea Times
08.28.2011     Parliamentary panel begins inspection on Jeju naval base | Yonghap News
08.28.2011     Gangjeong naval base is a genie we can’t put back | Jeju Weekly
08.26.2011     Rival parties divided over standoff over Jeju naval base | Yonhap News
08.26.2011     Alternative Plans Needed in Jeju Naval Base Conflict | Kyunghyang
08.26.2011     [Editorial] A Jeju naval base referendum | Hankyoreh
08.26.2011     Residents of Tourist Haven Fight Plans to Build Naval Base | Truthout
08.26.2011     Jeju base site protesters challenge law authority | Joongang Daily
08.26.2011     Police arrest priest in Jeju protest | Catholic News
08.25.2011     Construction, protests and arrests intensify Jeju naval base standoff | Hankyoreh
08.25.2011     Anglicans join opposition to naval base | UCA News
08.24.2011     Conflicts over Jeju naval base escalate | Korea Times
08.22.2011     Jeju Naval Base and Security Dilemma | Peace Network Korea
08.21.2011     South Korea: The Church against the military base in Jeju Island | Spero Forum
08.19.2011     South Korean Navy Base Divides Jeju Island Residents | New York Times
08.19.2011     Naval Base Tears Apart Korean Village | FPIF
08.18.2011     A Naval Base in South Korea (Continued) | New York Times
08.18.2011     Bishop Peter Kang issues letter against naval base | UCA News
08.17.2011     Sung-Hee Choi released from Korean prison; Jeju resistance mounts | Nuke Resister
08.17.2011     Final Testimony of Choi Sung-Hee | Save Jeju Island Campaign
08.17.2011     Islanders fearing superpower squeeze | International Herald Tribune
08.16.2011     Jeju Naval Base and National Interests of Korea | Peace Network Korea
08.16.2011     Additional police from mainland deployed to Gangjeong | Jeju Weekly
08.15.2011     Jeju Island naval base tensions escalate with arrival of riot police from Seoul | PR-Inside.com
08.15.2011     National and International Protests Challenge Naval Base | Japan Focus
08.15.2011     An American Jeju? | Jeju Weekly
08.14.2011     Seoul police deploy 500 officers to Jeju | Hankyoreh
08.13.2011     Activists rally against new S Korea navy base | Al Jazeera
08.12.2011     Save Jeju, save peace | Korea Times
08.07.2011     Row deepens over naval base project in Jeju | Korea Times
08.07.2011     Controversy over Jeju naval base mounts | Korea Herald
08.06.2011     The Arms Race Intrudes on Paradise  | New York Times
08.05.2011     Unwanted Missiles for a Korean Island | New York Times
08.04.2011     5-party coalition announces opposition to Jeju base | Hankyoreh
08.01.2011     Defending the island of peace | Korean Quarterly
07.27.2011     Endangered peace in Gangjeong Village | Hankyoreh
07.21.2011     Update on Jeju Island | Reaching Critical Will
07.20.2011     Naval Base Construction in Jeju-do Not Something to Be Left to Navy Alone | Kyunghyang Shinmun
07.19.2011     Rising tension in Gangjeong w/images | Jeju Weekly
07.18.2011     South Korean Crackdown on Peace Activists w/satellite image | Cryptome
07.17.2011     The 1542nd day against the naval base construction on Jeju Island | From Los Palos
07.16.2011     Police crack down on peaceful resistance to Jeju Island naval base | PRLOG.org
07.15.2011     More activists arrested at Jeju naval base protest site | Hankyoreh
07.11.2011     Protests Challenge Naval Base Construction on Jeju Island | Japan Focus
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