Specially published for those attending the IUCN’s World Conservation Congress 2012, held on Jeju from September 6-15 or for those visiting Gangjeong during that time. Contents Include: Summary of the struggle against environmental destruction and human rights violations in Gangjeong, Jeju, schedule of Gangjeong related events during the WCC 2012, information on visiting Gangjeong, information about historical relics discovered inside […]

The following statement is the 3rd open letter mailed to the leadership of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. It was originally posted here. TO:   IUCN Leadership, Participants, and Global Environmental Organizations FROM: Emergency Action Committee to Save Jeju Island IUCN leadership still refuses to criticize Korea’s destructive naval base, though construction work is killing rare soft corals, numerous endangered species (including from […]

The following statement is the 2nd open letter mailed to the leadership of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. It was originally posted here. Does IUCN Director General Accept Korea’s Environmental Destruction? Below you will find a disturbing history, prepared by 62 leading activist organizations in South Korea, who have, for many years, been trying to gain attention for environmental devastation taking place […]

The following statement with 131 signatories, is the 1st open letter mailed to the leadership of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. It was originally posted here. OPEN MEMO TO:  All Leadership, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) FROM: Undersigned Environmental/NGO/Academic Leaders THE IUCN 2012 WORLD CONSERVATION CONGRESS (WCC), scheduled for September 6-15 at Jungmun Resort on Jeju Island, […]

Pristine Jeju Island, home to one of the world’s largest soft coral reefs, is under threat from plans to build a naval base. Local protesters have been beaten by police, but now the world’s leading environmental organisation, the IUCN, is holding its annual summit there and could turn the tide by speaking out against the destruction. If the IUCN was […]

IUCN leadership refuses to criticize Korea’s destructive naval base that is killing numerous endangered species, and destroying indigenous communities. This stance from IUCN defies its traditional mission, conserving nature and a “just world.” The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) World Conservation Congress is the world’s largest environmental event. Held every four years, the 2012 World Conservation Congress  (WCC) will be held from […]

On July 5, South Korea’s Supreme Court overturned lower court rulings against the Ministry of National Defense for proceeding with construction of a naval base on Jeju Island without an environmental impact assessment (EIA). It also ruled that the governor of Jeju had the authority to change the designation of absolute preservation areas. This ruling wasn’t just a major blow to residents […]

Open Letter to IUCN

An open letter to the IUCN: Statement to IUCN and WCC    

世界自然保育聯盟(IUCN)9月6日到9月15日將於南韓濟州道中文旅遊區舉辦世界保育大會(World Conservation Congress,WCC)。WCC大會每4年舉辦一次,可說是當前最大的自然保育盛會。諷刺的是,濟州道中文旅遊區距離江汀村僅約十多分鐘的車程,當地正進行海軍軍港開發,但IUCN對此議題沉默以對,讓居民頗為失望。 [...]

Right after the villagers’ press conference on March 22, the victims of police hammer violence on March 19 had a press conference in front of Island government hall. The victims holding the signs with the photos of injuries on them strongly demanded the punishment of police personnel in charge of the accident and claimed an introduction of Special Prosecution System […]