Gangjeong is of dance. People used to dance these so called four addictive Gangjeong dances daily after human chain from Monday to Saturday in front of base construction gate, now dance in front of the base entry area. The 1st video is by Pang Eunmi and the last three videos have been made by someone for the text video years ago.


Image by Pang Eunmi/ On a day of May, 2016, People dance in the base entry area, with the 1st song ‘Praying to the Gods, ‘ a traditional song sung by the chairwoman of the Gangjeong Folk Conservation Association.












No. 1. Praying to the Gods (video by Pang Eunmi)

No. 2. Like a Rock

No. 3. I like Gangjeong Village

No. 4. Pparappappa