Park Geun-Hye, Park Chung-Hee and Jeju naval base: Why Park Geun-Hye should not be the President?

Photo: Time magazine: US version (internet version) (Source: Click here)

According to ‘Yeoreumgigi ‘ who put the post, the title of the Time, Asian version reads, ‘The Strongman’s daughter’ and the article title is ‘History’s Child.’ See  the link above.

Park Geun-Hye is not only physical but spiritual heir of the deceased ex-President Park Chung-Hee who ruled South Korea with military dictatorship for 18 years.
At the time of the President Park Chung-Hee (1961 to 1979), the ROK Government proposed  the United States through a security meeting to use the Jeju Island in any forms of whatever bases, including strategic Air Force base or naval base.

According to the archive of the Kyunghyang Shinmun, an article appears in the 1st page of June 6, 1969. Here is the whole translation of the short article.

(Source: Go Gwon-Il, Chairman of the Villagers’ Committee to Stop the Naval Base



Naval and Air Force Base in the Jeju:
It looks that opinions were collected through the ROK-US defense meeting
June 6, 1969
1st page, Kyunghyang Shinmun

It was informed that the ROK-US authorities gathered their opinions to build a naval base along with US air force base in South Korea to secure the security of Asia. On [June] 6, A high-rank personnel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivered that the matter on the build-up of the US naval base that would be installed within South Korea was discussed in the 2nd ROK-US Defense cabinet members’ meeting, separate from the discussion on the measure of strengthening of the ROK navy power. He also delivered that, “The ROK government suggested the Jeju island as the candidate location for the naval base.”

President Park Chung-Hee has stated the other time that he was willing to provide the  Jeju Island to the US as the US base the other time. He added that “It means it is OK that the US use [the Jeju] as all kinds of bases including naval base, not to mention as air force base. While the authority person avoided a mention on the size of the US naval base that would be built up in South Korea, he delivered that “There could be annexed facilities such as the ship-repair facility following the calling at a port by various kinds of vessels, even though it may not be the [size/quality] of the Saesebo in Japan where the [US] nuclear submarines can moor. (emphasis by me)


See also Hankyoreh, Dec. 17:  Saenuri Party allegedly trying to control foreign media’s word choice

[..] An article in the Dec. 12 edition of the Washington Post made reference to a memo sent earlier this year by members of the Saenuri Party (NFP) presidential candidate’s camp.

“Park Geun-hye’s aides say they are sensitive about her connection to her father,” the article reported. “They sent a memo to the news media earlier this year asking that articles not refer to Park Chung-hee as a ‘dictator.’” [..]

“The reporters are taking these as attempts to control the foreign press by denying the legacy of the dictatorship,” Shin said. “It’s extremely upsetting to them.”


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