[June 15 report and Video] In an absolute opposition to the navy’s military housing project, the villagers occupied the navy’s hearing stage of it for the 2nd time. The navy could NEVER process the hearing. Still the navy attempted to enforce hearing with a sudden RAID of ‘RECORDED VOICE,’ which were absolutely and fiercely protested by the villagers. The Jeju […]

[June 10: Important] Navy plan on military housing project and designation of military restriction area People have fiercely protested on May 29 when the navy attempted to hold a hearing on Military housing project without informing or consultation with the villagers. The navy hearing failed because of fierce protest by people who occupied the stage of the event with banners […]

In this month’s issue: 6000 bows for peace in front of the Governor’s building, special international solidarity feature, harassement of village elderly, Father Mun wins the 5.18 Human Rights Prize, a letter from Guam and more! Download PDF

The Jeju Naval Base Construction that Marches against the Peace and Prosperity of Northeast Asia Should be Immediately Stopped Participating in the Peace Activists’ Conference for the Life and Peace of Gangjeong Village held in the Gangjeong Village, Jeju, from May 30 to June 2, we have discussed cooperation measures to save and nurture Jeju as the Island of Peace. […]