Not only endangered species by the naval base construction, such as red feet crab, narrow mouth toad, Jeju freshwater shrimp, dolphin and soft coral, Gangjeong itself is, you can say, endangered, facing against war base-building. For the people of Gangjeong, everyday is Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS). Some humble pickets were made to join the 2013 GDAMS. […]

1. Villagers vote ‘No’ to the military residence housing project in the village   In the villagers’ general meeting that was held from 8 to 10 pm, April 10, the villagers made a decision on the two: 1. To have the Life and Peace Pilgrim throughout the Island during this summer (concrete time and details will be talked later), 2. Not to […]

Islanders Unite to Resist a New Pacific War

Reblogged from here.  Related article and photos by Koohan Paik Last September, I attended a remarkable gathering in Okinawa of impassioned young people from all over the Asia-Pacific. They convened at a critical moment to urgently discuss ramped-up militarism in their region. Thousands of hectares of exquisitely wild marine environments, peaceful communities and local democracy are now under extreme threat. Participants […]

Yeongdeun Grandmother Parade in Gangjeong

Greeting in peace! Let me tell you an old story of Jeju. It’s a story of Jeju’s god. There was a grandmother called  Yeongdeun who lived near One-eyed island. One day, a fisher men was driven to this island due to the storm. The giants in One-eyed island wanted to eat the fisher men, so the  Yeongdeun grandmother helped the […]

Related links: [May 27 to 30] A Renewal of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Status? The Jeju Sea is being killed now.    Navy and companies’ illegal dismantling of damaged caissons on the sea (Source: Jeju Internet News, May 29, 2013/ Original source: Gangjeong Village Association)   1. Maintenance of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve despite massacre of nature?/ People’s letter to the UNESCO    […]

    1 year has passed March 7th, 2013 was the date  commemorating one year anniversary on the navy’s blast of the Gureombi Rock despite people’s fierce opposition to it. The people’s struggles to save the Gureombi Rock, the absolute preservation coastal area of the Gangjeong village, reached one of their highest points during the time when the blast was continued […]

(Video by Dungree)   Welcoming the 105th International Women’s Day on March 8, people in Gangjeong made a small but hilarious event to celebrate women, men, and all the lives.  It was just the next day of the 1 year anniversary of the Gureombi Rock-blasting. The March 8 event that went long about 1 hour started with a masquerade around […]

  Re-Post from the No base Stories of Korea   __For the original Korean article including maps/images(click HERE)  * English subtitles were added by arbitrary to the original images. * The last 13 images were  added by arbitrary for readers’ easier understanding. ________________________________________________________ The below is a rough translation of the original Korean document informed at the site of the Jeju Human Rights Center. Thanks to […]