In this Dec. 2021 to March. 2022 Edition:

Gureombi’s Power Lives On/ International Messages Upon the 10th remembrance year of the blasting of Gureombi Rock/ Gangjeong Protectors’ Seminar Series/ Navy Base affects Soft Coral in the Gangjeong Sea/ “Spring Wind” Pilgrimage to Meet Another World/ No New Airport in Jeju, Gadeokdo or Saemangeum/ Construction for the military road comes into full swing/ The true nature of the navy base entry road straightening project/ I dreamed in prison/ Common issues for the improvement of the Jeju EIA system/ Resisting to the attempt to secure a supply line for THAAD/ For a People-led ‘Alddreu Grand Peace Park’/ Hosting International Visitors at the Alddreu Memorial/ Heading into “New Space” imperialism more and more/ Resisting to the attempt to secure a supply line for the THAAD/ Whales Will Save the World’s Climate—Unless the Military Destroys Them First (Excerpts)/ US Indo-Pacific Strategy to exacerbate regional tensions/ “Water is Life: Choosing Water Over War”/ Gangjeong has no expectations for Yoon/ Trial Updates etc.

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