In this Sept. to Nov. Issue

The problem is inequality/ Cheerful Energy Brought by Sept. 24 Jeju Climate Justice March/ Scrap the Saemangeum New Airport / A year-round Jeju March for Climate and Peace begins/ Civilian-military complex port access road linear improvement construction/ Deceptive ‘Civilian-Government-Military mutually beneficial soccer tournament’/ Deceptive 2040 Jeju City Basic Plan Draft/ Repeal the National Security Law / Memories of Gureombi bring people together/ Only kindness and peace will save the world from hatred/ Woljeong overlaps with Gangjeong/ Alternative Habitats Indulging Development Desires/ Active ‘protection’ of MPAs is needed/ Strong Protest of Jeju Farmers/ Appearance of Sharks/ Dramatic Re-escalation of War Drills/ The Danger of Trilateral Alliance and Asian NATO/ Why Sailing Matters/ THAAD base normalization will never happen!/ South Korea aims to be world ’s #4 arms exporter/ The US Space Force goes to Korea/ Militarization rushes on in the Sakishima Islands/ The Guahan struggle against open burning and open detonation/ New bases for US use planned in the Philippines/ A new toxic leak in Hawaii/ Gangjeong Book Village Friends disbanded/ From Confrontation to Peacebuilding etc.

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