The motto “We are the Sky” comes from the motto of the Sky Act, a joint solidarity campaign of three struggles in Korea: (S)Ssang Yong autoworkers layoff struggle, (K)Gureombi Rock/anti-Gangjeong naval base struggle, and the (Y)Yongsan Tradegy struggle.

The Grand March of Life and Peace which started in Gangjeong on October 4th runs til November 3rd where it ends at Seoul City Hall Plaza. Below is a more detailed schedule for Tomorrow (Thursday, October 25) until the end. Please come out if we are in your area and tell your friends to join when we pass their area! And remember to check our photo section every night for pictures from each day’s march.

[Grand March Day 21] Thursday, Oct.25-Chooncheon
6:30am Departure from Samcheok
11am Visit to Hyeoldongri golf development struggle in Chooncheon
12:30pm Lunch at Gumanri village center in Hongcheon
1:30pm Visit to Gumanri golf development struggle in Hongcheon
3pm Visit to Dongmakri golf development struggle in Hongcheon
4:30pm Meeting with local people in front of Gangwondo Provincial Office
5:30pm Dinner
7pm Candle Rally at Myeongdong in Chooncheon

[Grand March Day 22] Friday, Oct.26-Wonju/Yeoju/Pyeongtaek
8:30am Departure by bus
10am Arrival in Yeoju. 4 Rivers Project, Gangcheon Irrigation Resevoir, Pilgrimage
12pm Lunch
1pm Marching down Jasansangbyeon Street or Gaechinalu Street
4:30pm Moving to Daechuri in Pyeongtaek
6:30pm Arrival in Daechuri
7pm Welcoming Village Party

[Grand March Day 23] Saturday, Oct.27-Pyeongtaek
Prepare for the Joint People’s Association (Manmin Gongdonghoe) and divide into groups to join the different programs below
Programs: Korean People’s Theater Festival (in Pyeongtaek) or Temporary Worker’s Rally (in Seoul) or Dasan Human Rights Center 20th Anniversary (in Suwon)
Accommodations in Daechuri (same place as on the 26th)

[Grand March Day 24] Sunday, Oct.28-Pyeongtaek
12pm Lunch
1pm Joint People’s Association (Manmin Gongdonghoe) in front of Ssangyong Motor Company’s main gate
5pm Dinner
6pm Join Pyeongtaek Peace Festival at Pyeongtaek Station
* Accommodations will be near Pyeongtaek Station

[Grand March Day 25] Monday, Oct.29-Pyeongtaek/Osan
9am March starts from Pyeongtaek station after the Press Conference for the Start of the Grand March in the Seoul Metropolitan Region
12pm Lunch and then visiting Ebada School
1pm March
5pm Arrival in Osan and Dinner
7pm Candle Rally
* Accommodations will be near Osan Station

[Grand March Day 26] Tuesday, Oct.30-Osan/Suwon
8am March starts
12pm Campaigning about Yeongtong Samsung Electronics factory
1pm Lunch
2pm March and Support Visit to the SSM opposition struggle
6pm Arrival at Suwon station and Dinner
7pm Candle Rally at Suwon station
* Accommodations are the Suwon Diocese

[Grand March Day 27] Wednesday, Oct.31-Suwon/Ansan
9am March starts
12pm Lunch
1pm Marching continues
6pm Arrival in Ansan and Dinner
7pm Candle Rally in front of Ansan City Hall
* Accommodations are not fixed

[Grand March Day 28] Thursday, Nov.1-Ansan/Bupyeong
9am March from Oido Station
12pm Lunch
1pm March and Visit to Samhwa Express, Daewoo Motor Sales Co. and other local struggle places
7pm Arrival at Bupyeong Station and Joint Solidarity Struggle Candle Rally (& party)

[Grand March Day 29] Friday, Nov.2-Yoido
9am March Starts at Cortek
Visit to Jae Neung Education Sit-in Struggle
Visit to Demolition Struggle in Jung3dong, Bucheon
12pm Lunch
1pm Marching
7pm Arrival in Yoido and Candle Rally at Yoido Plaza

[Grand March Day 30] Saturday, Nov.3-Yoido/Seoul Plaza
9am March after Press Conference for the Opening of the Life and Peace Grand March in Seoul
11am Rally at Namildang in Yongsan District #4
1:30pm Rally in front of Ministry of National Defense to stop Jeju Naval Base Construction
4pm Join 1-day sympathy fast for Ssangyong Motor Struggle at Seoul station
6pm Cultural Rally “Everyone is Sky” at Seoul City Hall Plaza

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