Image source: Jeju Sori, Oct. 18, 2012 (translated)

In the National Assembly Inspection on the navy headquarter on Oct. 18,  Kim Jae-Yoon (Democratic United Party, Seogwipo City), member of the Defense Committee of the National Assembly raised primarily on two issues. While the 1st issue has been constantly raised by many observers, the 2nd is something new and important. Anyway, here is the summary based on the Jeju Domin Ilbo, Oct. 18.


1.   Regarding the harbor and bay layout of the Jeju naval base:

If simulation verification on the control of 150,000 ton cruise is not correctly carried out, all the budgets related to the Jeju naval base project for next year should be cut.’


Kim pointed out that:

(1)  Because of the reduced size of turning basin, cruise navigation is dangerous.

(2)  Because of sea route change, dredging at the bottom of sea is inevitable, which raises concern on the intrusion on the ecology system protection area.

(3)  Because of arbitrary standard on wave height, there is the risk of accidents during ships’ mooring or unloading.

(4) Because of no design on emergency exit that should be prepared, according to the layout standard on the defense/ military facilities, for the cases when vessel is being attacked or running aground so the port entry is blockaded, it is difficult for vessels to move out if emergency occurs.


He claimed that:

Even though the flaws on the harbor and bay layout of the Jeju Civilian-Military Complex for Tour Beauty (* In fact, a pure military base) are very serious, the navy has attempted to hide those with false explanations. It should be verified through objective and fair simulation whether turning basin and sea route have been designed according to the legal standard and the base plan is appropriate. The Government should accept the simulation cases demanded by the Jeju Island government (* which, itself, does not trust simulations by the central government but constantly makes false propaganda on the dual complex port). And the whole budget on the naval base project should be cut for the next year, unless simulation verification, the core of 5 items recommended to the Government by the National assembly is properly carried out.


2.   Regarding the government assertion on sea security


The base would take little role in the protection on the southern sea area and maritime traffic route. The navy cause of  [so-called ‘security’] for building the naval base is only appearance.’


Kim pointed out that:

While the Korea Air Defense Identification Zone( KADIZ) is set close to the Jeju island, the Japanese Air Defense Identification Zone (JADIZ) is set below the south sea of the Jeju and the Ieodo (* a submerged rock, not the Island) in the south of the Marado(the southernmost Island in Korea) also belongs to the JADIZ.

Therefore in case the ROK navy mooring in the Jeju naval base and patrolling in the southern sea area of the Jeju, carries out operations with helicopters or aircraft embarked on vessels within the ADIZ, it should make a prior consultation with Japan and its activities could be limited by the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force(JMSDF).


Therefore Kim emphasized that:

‘Even though the navy asserts on the expansion of its influential power in the southern sea area through the building of the Jeju naval base, in reality, it is questionable to which points it can assert on its operation scope in the southern sea area. Then the role of the naval base as an outpost that guards the southern sea area is very limited. The cause to enforce the base project with tremendous budget and social costs then goes down.’



“크루즈선 안전성 검증 안되면 예산 전액삭감”

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