Park Seung-Ho who was arrested near the communal restaurant in the village on Sept. 14, 2012 (during the 2012 WCC period) was released on bail on Feb. 5, 2013 after 144 days’ imprisonment.  He had been arrested for the reason that he had not responded to the police call. However, the truth is that he had been targeted by the police for a long time for his struggles against unjust government policies. We hope Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo who was arrested and imprisoned directly from the court will be freed soon, also.


Around 6:30 pm he was out of prison in the rainy evening.


People welcoming Park Seung-Ho




Photo by Park Yongsung/ Tofu is a traditional food in Korea for the prisoners who were just released.



Returning to the village, Park Seung-Ho made a short statement to the people in the Peace Center where people were busy to prepare for distribution of materials during the public relationship event throughout the Island.

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