Peace Concert to mark the 64th anniversary of the Korean War

“Presents from The Remembrance of War”

We hope to encounter the past of One Korea through remembering the Korean War, reflect on the current problems that our society has and dream of a peaceful future of two Koreas that have been divided for many years through this concert.

Stories of Peace:
‘At the time, Jeju Islanders were quite conscious people who made a right decision and acted for right cause to oppose the divided, two Koreas. However, the government massacred them by ideology, who were not ideological at all.” – Jeong Seon-nyo

Songs of Peace:
“Yes, the long memory is the most radical idea in this country. It is the loss of that long memory which deprives our people of that connective flow of thoughts and events that clarifies our vision, not of where we’re going, but where we want to go.” Utah Phillips (a Korean war veteran, folk musician and peace activist)


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