Oct. 26: The day of the mix of intense happiness and sadness: 2nd day of 24 hour construction(destruction)

Around 3am, Oct. 27, 2012. Mayor Kang Dong-Kyun and others lying their bodies on the ground in protest to 24 hour construction (destruction) in front of the naval base construction gate, Gnagjeong village, Jeju Island. See the below.



Kim Dong-Won was released!

Photo by Paco Booyah

On Oct. 26, we had happy news that Mr. Kim Dong-Won who has been jailed since June 30 was released. Paco Booya wrote:

Kim Dong-Won will be released! At 2 p.m. (30 minutes ago) Bail was set for Kim Dong-Won, who was arrested on June 30 when he climbed and occupied a dredging crane on a barge doing illegal dredging next to one of Gangjeong’s endangered soft coral forests. As of today he has been in prison for 118 days. The lawyer has gone to see what we must prepare for the bail and he will be released as soon as we prepare it which means today! Hoooooraaaay!!!!


Photo by Paco Booyah/ Dongwon finally met his missed friends after his release.


However, Fr. Lee Young-Chan, a Catholic Priest is to be imprisoned.

However, we also got the sad news around 10:13 pm from the lawyers who had worked very hard for the release of Bokhee and Fr, Lee Young-Chan who have been arrested on Oct. 24. The Court made decision to release Bokee while accepting the prosecutor’s file on arrest warrant against Fr. Lee in its review on the practicality of arrest warrants on the two. The prosecutors’ accumulated charges against Fr. Lee are obstruction of business, obstruction of government affairs, and violence etc. He is very well known as Fr. Remicon (meaning Cement mixer truck) for his many times’ protests to climb on the trucks to stop the illegal Jeju naval base project. On Oct. 24, he was to save Bokhee who was being arrested by the policewomen. When he could not move because of the police’s tight grabbing of him, he bit an arm of a police in self-defense, which was accidental when he was very tired for daily struggle. It is known that he is suffering in his teeth because a policeman hit his chin very probably intentionally with his arm. It is told that Fr. Lee is having difficulty in taking foods and it will take for a while. Still, according to the visitors of him, he smiled them and encouraged them to continue struggles.

Photo by Cho Sung-Bong/ Fr. Lee Young-Chan who has daily kept the struggle site eats meal during one of the days. The protesters used to hardly leave the site to save the village from the war base construction.


Mr. Park Suk-Jin ended prison hunger strike and got his own room in jail.

Photo by Lee Joon-Ha, Omynews, 2011/ Park Suk-Jin, a former member of a police special oppression unit has made a conscientious statement and rejected military draft in 1991 upon the death of a student, Kang Gyung-Dae, who was killed by the police during the students’ protest against the military dictatorship. Since then he became a peace activist. He has worked as a member of Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea. and has been joining the struggle to stop the base project in Gangjeong since last year.

Otherwise, we also heard that Mr. Park Suk-Jin who was in hunger strike in a punishment room of about 5.9 m2 in the Jeju Prison was moved to a solitary room as he has requested and ended his fast in the morning of Oct. 27 as his family members protested to the Jeju Prison for unreasonable oppression measures against prisoners. See here.


2nd night of 24 hour construction, 24 hour police watch and 24 hour protest

Bokhee with guitar , Oct. 26, 2012 in the left side of the photo


Otherwise, the first place Bokhee who was released from the police station, Jeju, around 11pm, Oct 26, visited was the protest site of the naval base project gate. She was again in protest to the base project, singing, laughing, struggling with friends together, by the next day of Oct. 27.

On Oct. 26, there was a rain during all the day, to the suffering of peacekeepers. Some of them have kept the protest site of the gates of the base construction site even from the morning of Oct. 25, the 1st day of 24 hour construction and police watch. See here.

Photo by Cho Sung-Bong, around 6pm, Oct. 26, 2012. “We strongly oppose the US imperialism navy base against China!!”  “No Jeju US navy base of US Nuclear Aircraft carrier!”

The rain became to be little from the evening. But the police were again in the gate under the artificial lights that the navy- contracted companies and police have installed for 24 hours’ construction.

There were five times police roughing out of people from 9pm to 5am, the next morning. The police would rough out people every 1 hour 50 minutes to allow a cement mixer truck each roughing time to pass the gates from the people’s protest to stop those.

It was greatly encouraging that about 20 members of the Solidarity for Peace And Reunification of Korea joined on the day to support the Gangjeong villagers and peace keepers’ 24 hour protest.

The police in front gates 9: 26 pm

Around 3am, the police took apart the protesters who tied one another with their arms to stop the trucks.  It was one of the police roughing time that were carried out five times from 9pm, Oct. 26 to 5am, Oct. 27. Because of many lights the companies and police have installed for 24 hour construction and measure against protests in the night, many photos are full of artificial lights.

Mayor Kang Dong-Kyun and others lied their bodies on the ground in protest to 24 hour construction (destruction) in front of the naval base construction gate. He dropped by Gangjeong for short days during the Great march for Life and Peace (Oct. 4 to Nov. 3. He celebrated his birthday (in lunar calendar) with the people in front of the navy gates.

Around 5am, the police roughed out people again.


The Gangjeong is also many people’s ‘peace school’ as Emily Wang wrote.

Joonhoo who has been arrested to enter the Gureombi rock is painting on the road in front of the construction gate. As Emily Wang has mentioned, he has made a painting again and again whenever the navy erased his paintings. See here.

Around 4:30. Joonhoo’s painting resisting against militarism.

Around 7:10 am, Oct. 27. As soon as the people’s daily peaceful 100 bows started in front gates, the police blocked them again to pass 10 cement mixer trucks through other gate. People’s war starts again under the cloud sky that dropped rains from the morning.


Call for protests

 Otherwise, Rebecca Kim wrote:

‘Tomorrow, [Oct. 27], at 11 AM, dozens of people will gather in Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul, for a small rally to protest against what’s happening in Gangjeong and to express our solidarity for those struggling in great suffering in the village. Will post tomorrow the story with the pictures.

Courage, people!

Emergency: Gangjeong Village’s struggle against the Jeju Naval Base is hitting its most urgent and desperate peak. The Navy has finished constructing a 200 person-capacity building for their exploitable Vietnamese workers, and the police of more than 2,000 now violently crack down on the demonstrators in front of the Naval Base Construction Business Committee more than 15 times a day, shifting 3-times, 24-hour a day, which even in the severest military dictatorship hasn’t happened. 4~5 peace activists are wounded or get hospitalized, get arrested and taken to the police station on a daily basis.

I’m planning a small rally in Gwanghwamun area tomorrow at 11 AM with my friends to protest against what this horrible, holocaustic government is doing to Gangjeong Village, against the human rights violations committed by the police, the navy, and the Samsung’s ‘hired thugs(security)’ on the villagers and peace activists.
Pls join us! Pls reply to this posting if you’re available to come to Gwanghwamun Square tomorrow at the Admiral Lee’s statue at 11 AM.


Video of the 2nd night, Oct. 26


Dalme’s recording in real time (Post by Lim Ho-Young)

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