SaveJejuNow Back Online Following Hack

Well, after almost two weeks of down time, we are back online!

In early, February, we suddenly found that Google had blacklisted our site. Our site had a scary red warning and was blocking people from entering! After digging in we found that our site had indeed been hacked.

The good news was that this did not appear to be aimed at us specifically or a particularly malicious attack or an attack by government agents. Rather it seems that it was a regular, boring, spam/virus attack, probably done by bots programed to look for weaknesses and out of date plugins and installations.

After a lot of research and struggling around to figure out what to do, we worked with our web host to fix the problem. Finally, just as it seemed we were about done, and we were about to request Google to scan the site again to clear the blacklist warning, We found that Google had already done so. And our site was accessible and clean!

Now we’ve deleted some of the outdated things that were used with this site and increased the security. Hopefully, this won’t happen again. In any case, we are now back, so be sure to visit us again regularly for updates on Gangjeong, Jeju, and the struggle against the unjust, terrible, environmentally disastrous, fundamentally unsound, Jeju naval base project.

Thanks and sorry for the wait!

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