[June 10: Important] Navy plan on military housing project and designation of military restriction area People have fiercely protested on May 29 when the navy attempted to hold a hearing on Military housing project without informing or consultation with the villagers. The navy hearing failed because of fierce protest by people who occupied the stage of the event with banners […]

[April 3 Catch up: important] Navy attempts to define the naval base construction area as military restriction zone: an alarm for people According to the Jeju island government on April 4, the navy defense command headquarter of the Jeju sent it an official letter titled, ‘Inquiry on the opinion of the [Jeju] self-governing province regarding the matter on designation and […]

* The below is the arbitrary translation of the ROK government Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) regarding the Jeju naval base project on April 27, 2009. The original Korean can be seen HERE. (Translated on June 24, 2010) ________________________________________________________ Jeju Press, April 27, 2009 해군 기지 기 본 협 약 서(MOU)내용 Contents of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on [the Jeju] Naval […]