Kristin from Hawai’i has visited and stayed at the village for three months from mid-June to mid-Sept.,  dedicating her works on the solidarity with the villagers and peace keepers who are against the naval base and try to save the Peace Island.


Recently, she has thankfully sent us gifts. In the mailed box, there were full of medical supplies that she wanted to send to the friends in the Halmangmool (meaning ‘Grandmother Water’) street café in front of the naval base construction gates. It must have been impressive for her that the friends in the cafe have always appeared in the field with their coffee service to people and quietly make effort to save the Gureombi Rock coast now being destroyed by the naval base construction (destruction).  Kristin has always been affectionate to think of Gangjeong despite language difference in the field. Thank you, Kristin, we all love you.

Letter by Kristin

Medical supplies sent by Kristin (Photo by Park Yune-Ae)

Halmangmool cafe (Photo by Yi Norae): See the video on it by Dungree, here.

Village international team members cheer for the mailed box: Wow~!



One, beautiful writing by Kristin

The below  is a writing by Kristin, forwarded through Choe Soo Sun, Hawaii, on June 1, 2012. The name of writer was cautiously omitted then.  It was only later that we became to know that the writer was Kristin. At the time of May 24, there was a tearful hair-shaving ceremony in front of the Jeju Island government hall. Five villagers including Jung Young-Hee, Chairwoman of the Village Women’s Association, Kang Dong-Kyun, mayor of the Gangjeong village, Cho Kyung-Chul, co-vice mayor of the Gangjeong village, Go Gwon-Il, Chairman of the Gangjeong village, and uncle Kim Jong-Hwan, a villager shaved their hairs in protest to enforced naval base construction (destruction) in front of the Island government hall.

‘Went surfing this morning, hardly any people out… a lot of turtles… which is always special. I feel so peaceful when out on the ocean. But there is sadness there as well. So many of the beautiful sea turtles have white growths on their heads… a disease, thanks to us humans, which eventually blinds and kills them. It always makes me feel so sad that we have compromised their health, their beauty, and their right to live out their lives without being compromised by uncaring humans. Then, while sitting on my board and looking at the beautiful shoreline, I thought about how awful it would be if the military one day decides to build a naval base here amongst all this natural beauty. I thought about the horrible, horrible impact that would have on life as we now know it here on the north shore. I then thought about the people on Jeju and how hard they struggle and the sacrifices they are making in their effort to stop the destruction being caused by the building of the naval base on their coastline. Not to mention the drastic effect it is having on their village, their culture, and their way of life. I asked myself if I would shave my hair if that were to happen here. Yes, without hesitation. So while I was thinking about the people of Jeju who have sacrificed their hair, I wrote a short poem in their honor…

With every strand of hair that falls

A thousand tears will come to call

Upon the earth that lies below

To grow the seeds of change we sow.  

It is not much, but perhaps you could send it to your friend who manages the newsletter… in honor of the people who have sacrificed their hair for the struggle. It has not gone unnoticed, and will never be forgotten.’


Two, beautiful writing by Kristin



Today I heard Gureombi call

from just beyond the big white wall…

Come sit with me for just the day

I’ll tell you stories if you’ll stay.


You cannot see me anymore

but I am here beneath the shore.

They may have broken me apart,

but they will never break my heart.

For it lives on, strong and old,

I was once their rock, she said

But now they are my rock instead.

I’m sad for all they’ve done to us,

but don’t give up, the fight is just.


You cannot see me anymore

but I am here, beneath the shore,

And I’ll be here forever more.

Today I heard Gureombi call

From just beyond the big white wall.

And when the day came to an end,

I knew I’d always be her friend.

(Village Monthly Newsletter: August, 2012)



Three, beautiful writing by Kristin

Living in Hawaii has given me a first hand experience in how the US military claims, abuses, and ruins land and natural resources. And it does so at the expense of local culture, customs, agriculture, and marine life, The struggle to stop military expansion in Hawaii is ongoing. We stand in solidarity with the brave and principled struggle taking place in Gangjeong to stop the destruction being caused by the construction of the massive naval base that is ruining their coastline, village, way of life and natural resources. It is being built against their consent or will. This is not just a local struggle. It is a global concern as destruction of land, natural resources and marine eco structures is threatening the very existance of our planet. Military bases protect only the interests of those who build them. They do not make the world a safer place.
In solidarity,
Hawaii Peace and Justice
Oahu, Hawaii

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See Kristin in photos and videos   Photo by Cho Sung-Bong     Video by Dungree

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