Park Suk-Jin: Photo by Song Dong-Hyo, Source article, here.


On Oct. 24, three people, Bokhee, a woman peacekeeper (27), Fr. Lee Young-Chan (61) and Jang Joonhu, a young artist in his 20s were arrested.

Bokhee and Fr. Lee Young-Chan were arrested under the police-arbitrary charges of obstruction on government affairs and violence when they were resisting to the police roughing out of people when people made attempt to block the cement mixer trucks in front of construction gates.

The two were carried to the Dongbu police station, Jeju City,  last night. Bokee is told to be very sick and Fr. Lee Young-Chan is suffering for the pain in teeth when the police hit his chin.

We have also a painful news that one of the prisoners and our friends, Park Suk-Jin(prisoner No. 188) , who was jailed along with Rev. Jeong Yeon-Gil (prisoner No. 188), for their caisson protest on Sept. 6 has been in hunger strike since Tuesday, Oct. 23. According to his older sister, he has demanded the meeting with the chief of the Jeju Prison to improve treatment on the prisoners since last Friday. When it was rejected, he entered fast since this Tuesday. The Jeju Prison detained him in the punishment room. If the punishment is decided, meeting with visitors is not possible. Currently a lawyer is visiting him.


Otherwise, Elily Wang writes on Bokhee and Joonhoo, two artists:

JoonHu, the third person who got arrested this afternoon, is an artist too. He continues to have the fabulous Art Performance in front of the naval base but lots of his masterpieces were erased by the workers in the naval base under the order of navy.

It’s sad that the beautiful art become the shame for navy.

This afternoon, when JoonHu came to the front of the naval base, he realized again that his painting was again unilaterally erased, and he decided to directly protest to the navy. But one of the most difficult thing in Gangjeong is to meet navy directly as they have the protection from the security without legal license, and the police who are wasting Korean’s tax. Thus, JoonHu entered the naval base for the real communication.

And then still he just directly got arrested by the police.

Naval base is destroying this village but you can hardly meet any navy here.

There’s police and there’s illegal security.

You can see JoonHu’s art work here. Many of his new masterpieces are not yet updated.

Thanks for his art work here even though he is getting poorer and poorer because of huge amount of fine, but his art work is getting richer and richer.

Proud of you. (See here)’

Bokhee who got arrested today is an artist in Gangjeong as well. While joining in the struggle in Gangjeong, she continues to make art here as well. You can see her caricature drawings of people who live in Gangjeong. (See here and here)’

You may write a letter to the prisoners. As of Oct. 25, 2012:

Mr. Kim Bok-Chul (activist): No. 598 (Arrested on June 14, 136th day)

Mr. Kim Dong-Won (activist): No. 264 (Arrested on June 30, 117th day) Re-imprisonment following 94 days’ imprisonment last year. 

Rev. Jeong Yeon-Gil (reverend): No. 187 (Arrested on Sept. 6, 50th day )

Mr. Park Suk-Jin (activist): No. 188 (Arrested on Sept. 6, 50th day )

Mr. Park Seung-Ho (activist) : No. 290 (Arrested on Sept. 14, 41th day)


Please mail supporting letters to each of those above, to the ‘Jeju Prison, 161 Ora-2 dong, Jeju City, Jeju, the Peace Island, Korea,’ with name and prison number.

Image: Gangjeong village
The 2nd and 3rd from the right are Mr. Park Suk-Jin and Rev. Jeong Yeon-Gil on Sept. 6, in the police custody room.


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