URGENT CALL! URGENT ACTION!: Campaign of the Appeal for participation in realizing a newspaper advertisement to stop 24 hour enforcement of construction and to cut all the 2013 budget on the Jeju naval base project/Source: Campaign by the National Network of Korean Civil Society for Opposing to the Naval Base in Jeju Island (125 groups) and PSPD

1. Sit-in tent in the center of Seoul heats people’s war to cut the budget on the naval base project

The struggle to stop 24 hour construction and cut the whole 2013 budget of 200.9 billion won on the Jeju naval base project is not only held in front of the construction gates in the village but in the center of Seoul as well. Some people who joined the Great March for Life and Peace: Let’s live together! All are the SKY! (Oct 4 to Nov. 3) remained in Seoul and set up a sit-in tent across the City Hall to promote the campaign to cut all the budgets on the naval base project, 2013. The tent is also an expression of solidarity with the laid-off workers of Ssangyong Automobile Co. Mr. Kim Jung-Woo, leader of Ssangyong workers met his 31st  day protest fast as of Nov. 9, 2012. Village mayor Kang Dong-Kyun, committed to widen and deepen the struggle through solidarity to revoke the Jeju naval base project and change the Government through December Presidential election became Mr. Kim’s strongest ally, as well as one of the symbols of people who are oppressed by the current government in the same vein of Capitalism, developmentalism and militarism.

Photo by Hwang Hyun-Jin, sit-in tent in the center of Seoul

Photo by Hwang Hyun-Jin, sit-in tent in the center of Seoul

On Nov. 9, Great news was told to the participants of the great march and people in the Gangjeong village. All the workers of the Hanjin Heavy Industry, Busan, who have struggled for years were all reinstated (Kim Jin-Suk is probably the most known symbol of the struggle). The march participants have visited the workers on Oct. 17, which happened to be the commemorating period (Oct. 17 to 31) on the two martyr workers, Kim Joo-Ik, Gwak Jae-Yol, 9 years ago. Dungree’s video reminds the event of Oct. 17 and emphasizes the importance of the solidarity among the oppressed.

Video by Dungree: Cut all the budgets on the Jeju naval base project, a fraud project in the name of national policy! http://youtu.be/ihgEsfZkxac  (Source:Click here)


In the video, Mr. Kim Jung-Woo in his sit-in tent celebrates the victory of Hanjin workers and urges them to keep the democratic union and struggle field whatever happens in the future. In the next tent of the Gangjoeng village, Hong Ki-Ryong, executive Chairman of the Pan-Island Committee for the Stop of Military Base and for the Realization of Peace Island strongly says, “Whoever is elected as the President in December, if budget is passed in the National Assembly, no government can stop or control it. That is why we should struggle to stop it with all our energy. I want to send my sorriness and thanks to the peacekeepers in Gangjeong who currently put up with violent oppression. We will do our best by pressuring on whether it is the National Assembly and Presidential House.” The finale of the video is the song by the Gangjeong Flower band. “Please stop at the exit No. 2 in the City Hall station.” The title of their song is called, “Stop, stop!’ “If you oppose all the wars in the world, stop the naval base construction! If you want peace, absolutely no naval base construction! If you want peaceful Jeju, let’s stop the naval base!”


2. The law voice from the struggle field: Please come to Gangjeong! Let’s stop 24 hour constriuction and cut the whole budget, TOGETHER!

Here is a video made by a young female peacekeeper, Mooming, herself who has daily struggled in the field to stop the 24 hour construction vehicles without enough sleep but with unlimited optimism and humor. Her video details the human rights violation by the police, people’s joyful creation of events in spare time and emphasizes the urgency of people’s unity, by coming to Gangjeong.

Please come to Gangjeong. For reference, the black and white pictures in the video are by Kon Ca. I take anger, cry and laugh everyday in front of construction gate. 24 hour construction, 24 hour police. I am sorry that I cannot wake up for 24 hours even though I wish to do being all the time there together with people. It is because even though the polices’ roughing out of us feels hard, the daily life there is GOOD as to the degree that I wish to record ALL.”

Video by Mooming  http://tvpot.daum.net/clip/ClipViewByVid.do?vid=cG59efARhQM$

(Source: Click here )

Details of the video

On Nov. 2, Presidential candidate Ahn Chul-Soo visiting the village remarked regarding the Jeju naval base project that the President Lee Myung Bak should apologize to the villagers in person. However, even less than 30 minutes of his leaving, police were mobilized. (*Young peacekeepers humorously call them as Baechoo (meaning cabbage) because of their light green color jackets, “The Baechhooes are seen with some rotten baechooes among them)

The police’s consciousness on human rights is near to zero.

Example: Policemen who obstinately drag a leg of a peacekeeper (00:25)

(Screams are heard, “Don’t fold down hand!) Example: Hand of Police who takes a man by the throat (01:10)

Example: For the police, the only concern is to remove the people from the site even though people’s cloths are taken off! (01:24) (Screams are heard, “Please, policewoman, I feel pain!”)

Example: The police use techniques to pull and lift up leg. They think our legs are big radishes! (01:36)

Example: The police use a technique of pressuring our body with their knees (02:24)

Example: The police (especially policewomen) grab our cloths rather than body parts. Then our cloths are taken off! (02:40)

(# In the early morning of Nov. 10, a female peacekeeper informs that policemen grabbed a woman’s legs widened openduring the process of removing protesters from the protest sites so that the woman cannot but feel insulted and have a feeling of shame.

However, the peacekeepers know how to spend their spare time building joyful and creative community between the struggles. The youngsters love computer game while some young artists sing together with guitar, draw painting on the fence and make necklaces for funding resource. A movie director prepares a set to record nearby.

Night time snack is another joy~! No Construction (destruction) but yes, night time snack!

And finally bonus for the audience: Dance with Gangjeong style. The changed lyric of the Gangjeong style from Gangnam style has become so popular. Even the police enjoy it. They must recite the lyric of Gangjeong style themselves! “Bastards, if you want to arrest us, arrest us! We will fight to the end!”

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