In the cold night of October, people slept on the street to block a giant truck with their bodies. Please look at the letter that reads, “children,’ on the street, which means the street is never for giant trucks and speedy cars.

On the night of October 6 into the morning of October 7, villagers and activists from Gangjeong slept on the street due to an illegal giant truck of Daelim construction company.

Around 9 pm, Sept. 6 when people were working on making pickets, a giant truck was to enter the construction (destruction) site, passing the Kosa mart four-way intersection, the center of the village. While people were sorry to hear that there was already another truck before it, people, capturing the 2nd truck, kept it all night, daring to sleep on the street of cold October night.

Daelim memo in Nov., 2011: It reads its vehicles would never illegally pass the four-way intersection where there is an elementary school and the road is narrow.

Before that, villagers burst out with fury. Daelim, one of the main construction companies has written a memo to them in November, last year that it would not send construction trucks through the four-way intersection where car size and speed is greatly limited. However, the truck driver who introduced himself to be from Gwangyang, Jeolla province and it was his first visit to Gangjeong, was to pass the street last night, without having been informed on it.

Looking at the materials loaded in the truck, they were giant frames that might be used in the caisson productions. The villagers have already been infuriated to hear that construction (destruction) has been ongoing even in the night and dawn, after the fall harvest holidays. Still the police pretending to hear their righteous protest words, stealthily took photos of them. Because of that, there were shuffles.

From the port, news was sent that the construction companies were noisly working on barge and caisson dock on the Gangjeong Sea. It was a Saturday night again.

Despite cold weather and tiredness, many people kept the field of street. Many people brought blankets for the people sleeping on the street.

The truck is being covered with people’s pickets and flags.

Please understand for bad qualities of photos.

An improvisational fire stove

Pickets that been made timely were mobilized to cover the captured truck: ‘No zone for construction vehicles,’ ‘no zone for police roughing out,’ ‘ no zone for police and construction vehicles.’

‘Your concrete buries our future.’


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