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“As the people who oppose the Gangjeong naval base construction(destruction), Jeju, by now, we have practiced opposition to the naval base project, living with the Gangjeong villagers. Through peaceful methods, we have resisted to the barbarity and violence of the Jeju naval base construction while looking for solidarity with the Jeju Islanders, nationwide citizens and peace-loving people in the world. [..]

Above all, [we] declaring not to pay fines- a legal punishment which is accumulated by our practice, state to face against it with our prison labor.

Second, we will not stop opposition struggle against the naval base project even after prison labor and will more heighten the degree of our struggle taking solidarity with all the people fighting against capital.

Third, for the peace of the North East Asia and Earth that is imminently being threatened, we will more gather our power into peace movement in solidarity with the peace activists in the world facing against the United States’s world domination strategy.

We go to the Jeju Prison today. They shall never fail our will to oppose the Jeju naval base project that pushes the future of the Jeju with never just but mean ways. We will resolutely resist till the day when the Jeju naval base construction is stopped.

(Excerpt from the statement by Lee Jong-Hwa, Park Seung-Ho, ‘People opposing to the naval base project, Gangjeong, go toward the Jeju Prison, July 3, 2014)

“We will set up the type for struggle.”

Today on July 3, two Gangjeong peace keepers, Lee Jong-Hwa (48, See the page 3 of here) and Park Seung-Ho (47), refusing to fines, volunteered to be present in the Jeju Prosecutor Office around 6:15 pm. They are to be imprisoned in the Jeju Prison by their will.

The two have been arrested in front of the naval base project committee building complex in June 2012. The two were charged of obstruction of business, while added by another minor charges such as insult.

Each of them is determined to be imprisoned for one or two months.


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