In this August to December 2023 Issue:

Remembering the 6,000th day of the Gangjeong Struggle/ Jeju Grand March for Life and Peace/ Peace for the Sea International Camp in Miyako Island/ Gong Pyeong Hae- 1st Peace sailing project/ 5000km sailing completed/ Reflections After 100 Days at Sea/ 2023 Jeju Womens’ Peace Workshop “Empathy and Solidarity”/ Demilitarization and non-alignment/ Trilateral alliance launch and UNC revitalization/ South Korean Defense Budget Grows/ Arms dealer Hanwha is entering Jeju/ Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water dumping begins despite resistance/ Military Road Opens… / Stop the notice of the basic plan on the 2nd airport/ Finishing Season 1 of the Jeju Climate Peace March/ Gangjeong Village joins the Gunsan Climate Peace March/ Bijarim-ro trial update/ Standing with Palestine from Jeju/ The Beginning of Peace, Nanjing Massacre Memorial/ April 3rd still discussed and reflected upon/ Peace Voyager/ Peace School for Youth in Asia/ Korea Peace Appeal Delivers Signatures/ “The Field, a Space for Connecting Words” etc.


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