A radar-‘strange ball’ in Gunsan. . . Photo by Wooki Lee . . .For more photos, see here.

17th day of Grand March at Gunsan. . . After the meeting with renowned Buddhist monk Do-Beop…on the way to Gunsan, participants meet bus drivers who shows warm solidarity on the road. . .They did Sam-bo-il-bae (three steps and one full bow) on the street in solidarity with bus drivers’ struggle in Jeonju 3 days ago. . Arriving in Gunsan, participants looked around the US Air Base. . .had lunch at Peace Wind House where Fr. Mun’s actual house and office are located. In the afternoon had a solidarity demonstration at the air base gate and marched along the fence of US air base where villagers are suffering from the pollution, the noise of fighters and etc.. . .( from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kunsan_Air_Base : Kunsan Air Base is a United States Air Force

The base is located on the west coast of the South Korean peninsula bordered by the Yellow Sea. It is at the town of Gunsan about 150 miles (240 km) south of Seoul. The town (군산시 in Korean) can be romanized as both Gunsan and Kunsan. The United States Air Force uses Gunsan to refer to the town, and Kunsan to refer to the base .

Kunsan Air Base is the home of the 8th Fighter Wing, “The Wolfpack,” assigned to the Pacific Air Forces Seventh Air Force(*which uses most part of the base area) and the 38th Fighter Group of the Republic of Korea Air Force (*which uses only 10% of the base area). It is one of two major Air Force installations operated by the United States in Korea, the other being Osan Air Base. . . .)



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