On Dec. 1, while two young activists who were arrested on Nov. 28 and indicted by prosecutors since then were finally released by the court review on arrest warrant, the people who have started fast sit-in along with hair-shaving on Nov. 29 ended their sit-in in front of the National Assembly, after confirming many people’s solidarity and pledge by the […]

In response to the news that the Jeju Naval Base project budget for 2013, 200,900,000,000 Won, was passed completely without any cuts by the National Assembly and the majority holding Saenuri Party, Jeju citizens, villagers, and activists rose up in anger with direct action. Three people were arrested. Two vehicles were parked in front of the gates to the naval base site […]

In this month’s issue: National Grand March for Life and Peace Comes to a close, outrageous findings in National Assembly inspections, Jesuit priest imprisoned, illegal security company hired to guard the construction site, 24-Hour construction begins and much more! Download PDF

    Catholic priests unite against the navy and police violence  While the civil disobedience movement declared by Prof. Shin Yong-In, in front of the construction site in Gangjoeng started on Nov. 12, Catholic priests made voice on the same day as well. Since Fr. Lee Young-Chan(Jesuit) was arrested and imprisoned on Oct. 24, the Catholic priests have been holding […]

1. Sit-in tent in the center of Seoul heats people’s war to cut the budget on the naval base project The struggle to stop 24 hour construction and cut the whole 2013 budget of 200.9 billion won on the Jeju naval base project is not only held in front of the construction gates in the village but in the center […]

“Jesuits Korea have dispatched several Jesuits members to Gangjeong village to protect peace and justice and preserve natural heritage, where its community has been destroyed and endangered due to the construction of naval base. In March 2012 Fr. Kim Jeong-Wook was arrested and imprisoned for 30 days. Br. Park Do-Hyun and Fr. Kim Sung-Hwan are facing trials. Fr. Lee Young-Chan has […]

  Sungshim, a Jeju native and Catholic follower (Lucia), was arrested around at 3:30pm, Oct 30, 2012 then released on the same day. It is a brief report based on the collected phone talks with her, chairwoman of the Gangjeong Catholic house, Taena’s mom, and Joan. Some of us dropped by her in the Seogwipo medical center around 10 pm […]

  Oct. 26: The day of the mix of intense happiness and sadness: 2nd day of 24 hour construction(destruction)   …………………………………………………………………………………………….. Kim Dong-Won was released! On Oct. 26, we had happy news that Mr. Kim Dong-Won who has been jailed since June 30 was released. Paco Booya wrote: ‘Kim Dong-Won will be released! At 2 p.m. (30 minutes ago) Bail […]

  On Oct. 24, three people, Bokhee, a woman peacekeeper (27), Fr. Lee Young-Chan (61) and Jang Joonhu, a young artist in his 20s were arrested. Bokhee and Fr. Lee Young-Chan were arrested under the police-arbitrary charges of obstruction on government affairs and violence when they were resisting to the police roughing out of people when people made attempt to […]

  Villager Yoon Chung who has been jailed since Sept. 11 under the charge of damage on private facilities was released on Oct. 24, with the fine of 2.5 million won.  It was his 44th day in prison. He was jailed on Sept. 11 when he being drunken broke the glass doors of a pro-base shop people in the village. […]