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Soft corals seriously were damaged in two years in violation of the EIA: The base construction should be immediately stopped!   On June 18, the widely reported in Korean media was the result of the international workshop to investigate on the impact on Jeju sea soft corals caused by the naval base construction, which was a follow-up of the ‘International […]

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韓國雖已有多項文化遺產列入「世界文化遺產」名錄,但自然遺產卻是首度雀屏中選,顯見濟州島自然風景的得天獨厚。 自2007年起,韓國政府開始倡議在此亦有「世界和平之島」之稱的濟州島南部的江汀村上建設海軍軍港,但遭到當地居民強烈反對,而反對運動自2007年延續至今。今年11月16日上午,韓國政府仍做出建設的最終決議,此工程將於12月按原計畫動工。 [...]