Update! Deadline extended to September 30! Sign Now! “Bring peace and cooperation to East Asia! Don’t militarize Jeju Island and the pacific! Make Jeju an Island of World Peace! While witnessing the construction of a gigantic naval base in beautiful Gangjeong village in Jeju Island, located in the Western Pacific Ocean, we cannot help but raise questions again: why war […]

The below is the arbitrary translation of the Jeju Domin Ilbo on July 4, 2012.  Sorry for mistakes in advance.   The water area of the so called civilian-military dual port ( Jeju naval base) was designated as a trade port. Therefore the legal basis that cruises can enter and exit the related water area was secured. However complete entry […]

[June 15 report and Video] In an absolute opposition to the navy’s military housing project, the villagers occupied the navy’s hearing stage of it for the 2nd time. The navy could NEVER process the hearing. Still the navy attempted to enforce hearing with a sudden RAID of ‘RECORDED VOICE,’ which were absolutely and fiercely protested by the villagers. The Jeju […]

[June 10: Important] Navy plan on military housing project and designation of military restriction area People have fiercely protested on May 29 when the navy attempted to hold a hearing on Military housing project without informing or consultation with the villagers. The navy hearing failed because of fierce protest by people who occupied the stage of the event with banners […]

The Jeju Naval Base Construction that Marches against the Peace and Prosperity of Northeast Asia Should be Immediately Stopped Participating in the Peace Activists’ Conference for the Life and Peace of Gangjeong Village held in the Gangjeong Village, Jeju, from May 30 to June 2, we have discussed cooperation measures to save and nurture Jeju as the Island of Peace. […]

[May 29, 2012 Breaking News] The navy’s hearing on building on military residence in the area of village was totally dissipated by villagers’ strong protest. A small victory to the people!   About 100 villagers and activists, storming with great fury into the building of Kim Jung Culture hall, Seogwipo City, completely dissipated the navy’s hearing on military residence. The […]

Below is the translation of the Gangjeong Village Association’s statement on May 22, 2012. (Sorry for any mistakes for hurried translation in advance). You can see the original Korean script here. ………………………………………………….. Title: The Jeju Island government should take stern legal action on illegal and unreliable construction (destruction) of the Jeju naval base project! The caissons that would be thrown […]

[May 3~7] It is a military-only not civilian-military port. As the fakeness of dual use port was confirmed, People will have an emergency protest on May 7.   People will have emergency protest in front of the Island government hall in the morning of May 7, to demand Island governor Woo Keun-Min’s special decision to stop construction (destruction) and to […]

It is evident that Civilian-Military complex port is not possible. We urge you to give orders to stop construction of Jeju naval base and conduct a preliminary feasibility study. Seventy-Eight figures from various backgrounds have once again come together to appeal to Jeju Governor Woo Geun-min for stopping the construction. They urge the Governor to demonstrate his democratic leadership and courage […]

“I would invite Ms. Park to take a swim in Hawai’i’s most famous military-tourist attraction: Pearl Harbor (the true name given by Native Hawaiians is Ke Awalau o Pu’uloa). However, the water is too toxic. And before she could get very far, she would be arrested by the Navy for trespassing in military waters. There is no tourist activity within […]