While a peace activist, Moetppuri Park’s 20,000 won (about 20 USD) tent in the Moetppuri endures from storm, the currently enforced Jeju naval base construction(destruction) cannot stand even by seasonal winds. It is a national policy project extremely unreliable, which has seldom been precedent. Don’t waste any more people’s bloody tax! Fathers, Sisters and priests are taken away from the […]

“I take photos with telescope and mobile phone put onto it. I can’t use a tripod because of strong wind. The telescope has been broken in two pieces which are put together by tape. Because of strong wind, I will hesitate to use good quality equipment, even if it is given to me.” It has been for months that Moetppuri […]

The 2015 Gangjeong village peace prayer ritual

Photos by Lee Wooki, Lee Tae-Ho, Park Inchun, Hosu, Joan, Park Young-In, Fr. Mun Kyu-Hyun, JoYakGol, and Jeju branch of the Korean Federation of Environmental Movement (For more photos, see here) For more and beautiful photos by Wooki Lee, see here and here. Regarding the New Year event, please refer to the top headline article in Dec. newsletter, too. …………………………………….. […]

If you remember the seven destroyed caissons (*a caisson is a huge concrete structure for building breakwater) by the big typhoons in 2012, you will also remember how unreliable the caisson construction has been; how wrong the base location is as the village is located on the very way of typhoon; how dumbfounding is waste of people’s tax for war […]

The 12th Gangjeong Peace School

The 12th Gangjeong Peace School was started from Jan 20th and was ended on Jan 24th. The programs are divers and have a lot of fun! Including: Listening the villagers’ stories; Gangjeong village tour with villagers; 100 bow every morning in front of the construction gate; Human Chain and addicted Gangjeong dance every lunch time in front of the Construction […]

Related links: [May 27 to 30] A Renewal of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Status? The Jeju Sea is being killed now.    Navy and companies’ illegal dismantling of damaged caissons on the sea (Source: Jeju Internet News, May 29, 2013/ Original source: Gangjeong Village Association)   1. Maintenance of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve despite massacre of nature?/ People’s letter to the UNESCO    […]

Weather Vanes

Ongoing daily destruction, ongoing daily protest.. A peace activist named Moetppuri Park who vigils on the  daily destruction  in the Moetppuri, living alone in a tent there,  sets up yellow weather vanes as the symbol for hope and peace. You can see the article on Moetppuri Park in the 2nd page of April Monthly Newsletter, “Gangjeong Village Story.” The Moetppuri, a rock […]

It was already reported on April 9 that: “‘It appeared that the sea area of the Beomseom (Tiger Island) designated as the government natural memorial is largely being threatened as big amount of mud water  was leaked from the Jeju naval base construction site into the sea, for the strong rain and wind last weekend. The Jeju branch of the Korean Federation […]

Nature, Destruction, and Love

The above photos and below translated/ rearranged excerpts are from two sites by Dir. Cho Sung-Bong. One site is titled, “I will skip over sorts of loneliness” and the other is “Reef heron and blue boys”   Regina Pyon has briefly described on some photos: ‘An activist is staying in a tent(blue on the left) on Moetppuri rock, just border of Jeju […]

Re-post from the No base stories of Korea, Jan. 24, 2011 1. Goorumbee (Gureombi) 구럼비 2. Jinsokkak 진소깍 3. Neobeunyeo 너븐여 4. Gaegoorumbee 개구럼비 (Gaegureombi) 5. Metboori (Moetppuri) 멧부리 6. Gangjeong Stream + Ackeun stream 강정천 + 악근천 …………………………………………………………………………. One can see many Jeju vernacular terms in the names of the places from the Joongduk coast to the Gangjeong Stream. The below is the explanation by […]