Yang Yoon-Mo was released at midnight (00:00 am of April 12th) after 435 days in prison, which is his 4th time imprisonment on the way opposing to the Jeju naval base.


Source: http://www.mediajeju.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=157825


Source: http://www.mediajeju.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=157825

“It was a really great and joyful celebration. Although he was released after midnight, many people from around Jeju and Korea came as early as 9 p.m. to begin waiting and also having a small party. By the time he was released there were more than 100 people even though it was late at night and the Jeju Prison is not really easy to get too. It was an amazing time and we are so happy he was released.”… by Paco Booyah


Poster of the welcoming event for Yang Yoon-Mo who will be freed after 435 days in prison
April 11, 11pm, in front of the Jeju Prison, Jeju City
April 12, 8 pm, Peace Center, village
Design by Haku
Fwded by Hye-Young, Peace Co-Op, Village association, Fr. Mun Jeong-Hyeon, Fr. Kim Sung-Hwan













Gangjeong People held a welcome party for  Yang yoon-Mo at the Gangjeong village association hall.


Ms. Kil-joo Lee writes, ” The cake was presented by Kim Jin-Suk (the legendary Hanjin union woman leader who has made more than 200 days’ sit-in on a high tower years ago to protest the company’s unjust lay-off of workers) . Yang was so happy like a child. Photo by Kil-joo Lee, Fwd by SungHee Choi


The cake presented by Kim Jin-Suk to Yang YoonMo
Photo by Kil-joo Lee, Fwd by SungHee Choi


Welcome party for Yang Yoon Mo in Gangjeong village.
Photo by Hosu


Fr. Kim Sung-Hwan writes, “The name of Yang Yoon-Mo’s sit-in tent on the Gureombi Rock was ‘Joongdeoksa (Joongdeok temple, naming after the coast of the village, Joongdeok, in which the Gureombi Rock belongs to). The name wood tablet now returned back to Yang again.” Photo by Emily Wang

For more of Emily’s photos, see : http://cafe.daum.net/peacekj/496a/1348


Fwd by SungHee Choi:

“Video of Yang Yoon-Mo’s speech in front of Jeju Prison after 435 days in prison, which is his 4th time imprisonment on the way opposing to the Jeju naval base : He declares his will on 10 million people’s petition campaign for the legislation on ‘Demilitarized Life and Peace Island,

(Video by Song Dong-Hyo )



As soon as Yang Yoon-Mo made an exit out of the Jeju Prison, he warmly hugged with each person who came to the site for welcoming him. The 1st words he shouted in his speech were “Absolutely no naval base!”He also thanked many people naming each of them including Bishop Kang U-Il.

“It is thanks to your sharing spirit in which you have daily given your core ability for me who is insufficient, despite your keeping desperate struggle field while each of you maintains individual pride. That is how I can return back to you with healthy and stronger struggle will after the life of warm sunlight inside the prison.”

“ I had once thought from ignorance that our struggle is disadvantageous as time goes but I realized in prison that it would be rather advantageous with the time.”

“ I became to bear a dream to make this struggle trustworthy. I will start  10 million people’s petition campaign in which all the nationwide citizens join to set the Jeju to be Demilitarized Life and Peace Island. The petition also aims to get signature from 200,000 people of Jeju, one third of the Jeju population. And the petition is to build a legislative campaign for the Jeju to be the demilitarized peace Island in 2017, the next Presidential election.”

Yang Uoon-Mo said that there have been encouragement letters to him from about 30 countries. He appealed to people to build Gangjeong as the global life and peace village by not stopping our struggle. ”

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