On Oct. 25, 2012, while many peacekeepers watching the naval base project gates from the construction trucks from the early morning, about 40 people including many village elders led by Mr. Go Gwon-Il, Chairman of the Villagers’ Committee to Stop the Naval Base and Mr. Cho Kyung-Chul, Vice-mayor of the village, dissipated the presentation by the Government (supervised […]

  On Oct. 24, three people, Bokhee, a woman peacekeeper (27), Fr. Lee Young-Chan (61) and Jang Joonhu, a young artist in his 20s were arrested. Bokhee and Fr. Lee Young-Chan were arrested under the police-arbitrary charges of obstruction on government affairs and violence when they were resisting to the police roughing out of people when people made attempt to […]

  Villager Yoon Chung who has been jailed since Sept. 11 under the charge of damage on private facilities was released on Oct. 24, with the fine of 2.5 million won.  It was his 44th day in prison. He was jailed on Sept. 11 when he being drunken broke the glass doors of a pro-base shop people in the village. […]

  On Oct. 24, the Village Association exposed that a plan on the maritime firing training that is to be carried out after the completion of the naval base construction has NOT been consulted with the Island people and will be the disaster for fishes and fishermen. In its statement on it, it says:  If the Jeju Island government is […]

    The daily struggle is going on in front of naval base project construction gates. The numbers of committed people who daily appear are usually small-less than 20. They are daily roughed out and carried by police 10 times or even 12 times even by the night. They are hurt with bruise in all parts of their body or […]

    The below is the translation of a Korean article in the Asia Gyungje (meaning Economy). Very important article, I think… ………………………………………………………………………….   Asia Gyungje Two Aegis destroyers will trace the space rocket, ‘Naro’ at the same time. Oct. 23, 2012 2012.10.23 10:27   It is expected that on Oct. 26, the top-of-the-line fighters and Aegis destroyers will be gathered […]

Antimilitarism South Korean Style

By Javier Gárate Originally Posted at War Resisters’ International During the first two weeks of October (2012), I visited South Korea, invited by the group World Without War to give a training for trainers in nonviolent action and to visit Gangjeong village, on Jeju Island, where people are resisting the construction of a naval base. It is well known that South Korea […]

  On Oct. 18, the villagers raised a very important issue to the Island governor: The navy’s OMISSION on the ‘maritime traffic safety diagnosis report’ during the process of the government approval on the Jeju naval base project. See its original Korean script here. According to them: The Ministry of National Defense (MND)’s first approval on the defense/ military facility […]

17th day of Grand March at Gunsan. . . After the meeting with renowned Buddhist monk Do-Beop…on the way to Gunsan, participants meet bus drivers who shows warm solidarity on the road. . .They did Sam-bo-il-bae (three steps and one full bow) on the street in solidarity with bus drivers’ struggle in Jeonju 3 days ago. . Arriving in Gunsan, […]

Kristin from Hawai’i has visited and stayed at the village for three months from mid-June to mid-Sept.,  dedicating her works on the solidarity with the villagers and peace keepers who are against the naval base and try to save the Peace Island. Recently, she has thankfully sent us gifts. In the mailed box, there were full of medical supplies that […]