The endorsement was joined by 435 international supporters including many well-known activists, artists and scholars. We thank so much to all the international citizens who joined our endorsement. We also remember that there are much more international friends who support our struggle. We so thank them and express our solidarity, also. Please see the related article, here.











2018 International Solidarity Statement against the International Fleet Review in Jeju


No International Fleet Review in Jeju

Let’s make Jeju Island the Island of Peace

Let’s make the Pacific the Sea of Peace


10 October 2018


We, the undersigned organisations and individuals, strongly oppose the International Fleet Review which will be held at Jeju Naval Base in Gangjeong Village from 10 October. This is the biggest event by the Korean navy since Jeju naval base was constructed and around 50 vessels and 20 aircraft from 45 countries will gather in Jeju Naval Base. A marine inspection, an open house event on vessels and in the base, and a military industry exhibition are scheduled.

The international fleet review, gathering  warships from around the world, will heighten the military tension in the region and create dark clouds of conflict in the midst of the growing desire to open a new era of peace and coexistence and end the war on the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia.

Jeju Naval Base was constructed on top of state violence against the villagers, lies, and destruction of the natural environment. We all remember the coercive construction process and problems of the Jeju Naval Base. While supporting Jeju islanders’ desire to establish this beautiful island as the Island of Peace, we strongly oppose the International Fleet Review being held in Jeju Island.

Since the establishment of Jeju Naval Base, the militarization of Jeju Island has sped up. Warships from different countries including a U.S. nuclear submarine have already been frequently visiting the Jeju Naval Base. In addition to this, a U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier will also join the International Fleet Review. We are concerned that this International Fleet Review will widen the gate of the Jeju Naval Base to the Japanese and the U.S. warships. The U.S. Pacific commander already expressed his wish to station a Zumwalt Stealth Destroyer at the Jeju Naval Base. In addition to building the naval base, the Korean Navy reinforced the marine corps in Jeju and also expressed its plan to use the 2nd airport as its air base which the Government is forcibly working to construct in Seongsan, Jeju Island.

The militarization of Jeju Island will retrogress peace on the Korean Peninsula, and expedite militarization in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. The U.S. changed the Pacific Command into Indo-Pacific Command last May. This clearly shows its will to prioritize military hegemony in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, instead of peaceful cooperation. The U.S. has not been hiding its plan to establish a NATO-like military alliance in the Indo-Pacific region. Many peace organisations are concerned that Jeju Island will become an outpost against China by the U.S. and its military allies.

Under this circumstances, the International Fleet Review will internationally establish the existence and military use of the Jeju Naval Base. This seriously jeopardizes the future vision of Jeju Island as ‘The Island of Peace’ declared by  the South Korean government in 2005. It also damages environment of Beom Island which is designated as the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The two Koreas declared ‘a new era of peace’ and are walking towards the establishment of a peace system and denuclearization on the Korean peninsula. Korean people’s efforts to move on to peace and coexistence from the hostility of the past should be linked to efforts to make the Pacific peaceful. We support Jeju islanders’ desire to make a “genuine” Island of Peace and oppose the militarization of the Pacific. The International Fleet Review in Jeju Island must be stopped immediately.


No International Fleet Review in Jeju!

Shut down the Jeju Naval Base!

Stop the Militarization of Jeju! Stop the Militarization of the Ocean!

Let’s make Jeju Island the Island of Peace, Let’s make the Pacific the sea of Peace!


Aaron Tovish(Zona Libre), Adilur Rahman Khan(Odhikar), Adrian Partridge (Derby CND), Adrian Perry (Derby Labour Party), Ai Iwakawa , Aiichiroh Sasagawa, Ailsa Johnson, Akifumi Fujita(Peace Studies, TRANSCEND Japan), Aki  KANEKO, Akiko Nishijima , Alain Ah Vee(LALIT), Alfred Robert Hogan(Writers Plus Newsroom), Alice Slater(World BEYOND War), Amy Echeverria(Missionary Society of St. Columban), Amy Harlib(Yoga For Peace, Justice, and Harmony With the Planet), Amy Levine, Andree Duguy(Women in Black London), Andrew Graham(Australian Anti-Bases campaign Coalition/Independent Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN)), Angela Burrows(Pax Christi NSW, Independent and Peaceful Australia Network), Angie Kim(The supporting committee for Korean prisoners of conscience), Angie Zelter(Trident Ploughshares, Reforest the Earth, UK), Ann E. Ruthsdottir(Peace Works), Ann Kobayashi(Japanese Against Nuclear UK), Anne Dodd(Abingdon Peace Group), Anne Elvey(Plumwood Mountain: An Australian Journal of Ecopoetry and Ecopoetics), Anne Lanyon(Pax Christi NSW), Anne Lindsay(CND), Anne Macarthur(SCOTTISH CND), Anne Milne(Edinburgh CND), Annette Brownlie(Independent and Peaceful Australia Network), Annette Sheppard(Nil), Antonio Carlos Silva Rosa(TRANSCEND Media Service), Anuradha Chenoy(AEPF), Ara Lee(Puri arts), Ariel Ky(Nada), Asako Kageyama (Morinoeigasha), Asfinawati(Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI)), ASM Badrul Alam (Bangladesh Krishok Federation), Atsushi Fujioka(Ritsumeikan University), Aya Kasai(Miyazaki International College), Barry Huges(CND London), Bedjo Untung(YPKP 65 Indonesian Institute for the Study of 1965/66 Massacre), Benjamin Monnet, Bi-Xiu Lin(Environmental Rights Foundation), Bobby Montemayor(Metro Subic Network), Brenda Paik Sunoo, Brian Noyes Pulling, Brian Quail(Catholic worker), Brian Smiddy(St Mary’s Social Justice Group), Brigidine Sisters Kildara Centre, Bruce Gagnon(Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space), Buddy Bell(Voices for Creative Nonviolence), Camilla Saunders(Knighton Action for Peace and Justice), Candace Fujikane(University of Hawaiʻi English Department), Carol Turner(London Region CND), Carolyn A Hadfield(World Can’t Wait-Hawai`i), Catherine Christie (Local/Global Advocacy Network), Catherine Lutz(Brown University), CedarBough Saeji(University of British Columbia), Charles Ryu(St. Paul’s United Methodist Church), Chieko Hotta(Hiyamikachi), Chikako Kobayashi, Chikashi Furukawa(East Asia Popular History Exchange, Taiwan), Christina Rusnov , Christine A. DeTroy(Greater Brunswick PeaceWorks), Christine Ahn(Women Cross DMZ), Christopher Butler(Shipley CND), Christopher Coppock(Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Citizen of the World), Christopher Gwyntopher(Trident Ploughshares), Cindy Lin(East Asia popular history exchange, Taiwan), Citizens Opposing Active Sonar Threats, Claude Mostowik msc(Pax Christi Australia, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart Justice and Peace Centre), Colonel Ann Wright(U.S. Army (Retired) & Veterans for Peace), Come Ledesert(Filmmaker), Corazon Valdez Fabros(International Peace Bureau), Councillor Maya Evans(Voices for Creative Non Violence UK), Cynthia Franklin(University of Hawaii), Daisuke Sato(No Nukes Asia Forum Japan), Daisy(Women’s peace group), Dan Troy(Columbans), Daniell O’Keeffe(Missionary Society of St Columban), Danilo Alejandro(United Peoples Association of Zambales), Dave Webb(Global Network & CND), David French(Moray Peace Builders), David Hartsough(PEACEWORKERS), David Hoadley(Southampton CND), David Mackenzie(Trident Ploughshares), David Ray(Trident Ploushares), David Vine(American University), Debbie Kim(Gangjeong UK), Diane lunzer(CND), Dud Hendrick(Deer Isle, Maine), Eamon Adams(Missionary Society of St Columban), Earl Arnold(Presbyterian Peace Network for Korea), ECOTERRA Intl., Edward Egan(Pax Christi), Eileen Cook(Edinburgh CND), Elizabeth Knight (TPAG and TP), Elizabeth Rees(World Can’t Wait-Hawai`i), Ella Weng, Ellen E Barfield(Veterans For Peace, War Resisters League), Ellen Smiddy(St Mary’s Social Justice Group), Ellen Teague(Columban Missionaries, Britain), Ema Tagicakibau(Pacific Action Network for Peace and Disarmament (PANPAD), Pacific Foundation for the Advancement of Women (PACFAW)), Eric Herter(Maine Chapter 001, Veterans for Peace), Eun-Jeung Lee(Freie Universitaet Berlin), European Sanctuary of World Peace Prayer Society, Felix Mushobozi(Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission USG, UISG), Ferdinand Liefert(German East Asia Mission), Filo Hirota(Catholic Council for Justice and Peace of Japan), fPcN – friends of Peoples close to Nature, Francis McDonagh (St Mellitus Church), Frank Cordaro(Des Moines Catholic Worker), Fumihide Kanaya, Gail Okuma(Chuo University, Policy Studies Faculty), Gail Whang, Gar Smith(Environmentalists Against War), Gayle Wells, Geoff Holland(World Peace Now ॐ), Geoffrey Shaw, George Katsiaficas (Eros Effect Foundation), Gerry Condon(Veterans For Peace), Gerry Lee(Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns), Gill Boehringer(International Assn. of People’s Lawyers), Gisela Köllner, Greet Vanaerschot(Pax Christi International), Greg Reynolds(Inclusive Catholics Vic Inc.), Gwyn Kirk(Women for Genuine Security), H Mitchell(Bedford CND), Haeng Woo Lee(National Association of Korean-Americans), Hannah Kemp-Welch(CND), Harry Kerr(Pax Christi Australia), Heather Weedon(Franciscan Missionaries of Mary), Helen Marron(Pax Christi), Helen van den Berg(Pax Christi), Helena Paul, Hemantha Withanage(Centre for Environmental Justice), Henri Tiphagne(People’s Watch), Herbert J. Hoffman(VFP, Albuquerque, NM), Hideko Otake, Hiromi Ootsuki (Theater people who chose no war), Hiroshi Inaba(Okinawa Peace Support), Hiroshi Sato, Hiroshi Yamaguchi(group ZAZA in Osaka), Huang Yu Hsiang(University of the Ryukyus), Hugo Wilson, Hui Hwa Nam(Voices), Hye-Jung Park(Philadelphia Committee for Peace and Justice in Asia), Hyejin Yoon(University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Hyeyoung Lee(PCUSA), Ian Gasse(Dumfries TUC), Ian P. Hamilton(Methodist Church in Britain & Ireland), Ichiro Sumida(Henoko Blue), Ikuko Oshiro(Henoko Blue), Iljung Kim(University of British Columbia), Iwakawa(Labornet), Jack Cohen-Joppa(Nuclear Resister), Jacquelyn Wells(Women Cross DMZ), James George Cullen (Columban Fathers), James Trewby(Columbans UK), Jammu Narayana Rao(Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space), Jan Plummer(Trident Ploughshares), Jane Kaisen(Artist), Janet Fenton(Words & Actions Scotland, Scottish CND, Scottish WILPF, ICAN in Scotland), Jason Rawn(National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee), Jay Hauben(Amateur Computerist), Jean Oliver(Trident Ploughshares), Jean Sanborn(Women’s International League for Peace), Jenny Clegg(Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, UK), Jenny Lee(Women Together, Inc.), Jesook Song(University of Toronto), Jess Santiago(Poet), Jill Gough(CND Cymru), Jo Bownas(St Mellitus Church), Jo Fry(Moray Peace Builders), Jo Siedlecka (Independent Catholic News), Joan West(East Lancashire CND), Joanna Nowicki(Moray Peace Builders and World beyond War), Joanne K Hardy(Greater Brunswick PeaceWorks), John B. Din(Columban Missionaries – Philippines), John Feffer(Foreign Policy In Focus), John Jackson(Asia Culture Center), John Lynes(Hastings against war), John Morris(Veterans for Peace), John Pilger(Journalist, writer, documentary filmmaker), John Wells(KPCW), Jos van den Berg(Pax Christi), Joseph Anthony Camilleri(Pax Christi), Joseph Essertier(World BEYOND War), Joseph Gerson(Campaign for Peace Disarmament, Common Security), Joy Enomoto(Womenʻs Voices Women Speak), Jude Genovia (Columban Missionaries), Judith Emerson(Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom), Judith Joy(Grassington & District Peace Group), Julia Larden(Hall Green CND), Julianna Bethlen (Women in Black London), Julie Enslow(Peace Action of Wisconsin), Julie Maguire(St Cuthberts Crook Justice & Peace Group), Julie Marlow(Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition), Julie Ward MEP(Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), Kagari Ando, Kaia Curry(The Frontiers), Kamal Mitra Chenoy(JNU), Karissa Chua(Center for Peace Education – Miriam College), Kate Holcombe(Trident Ploughshares), Kathryn Edwards(Women in Black, London), Kathy Kelly(Voices for Creative Nonviolence), Katsuko Kai, Katsumi Hamaguchi(Kyoto), Kayoko Teshigawara (Meijigakuin university), Kazuhiro Ohmura(People’s soridarity of Okinawa Korea), Kazuhiro Shibata(NARAYUN-OKINAWA), Kazuyo Kozaki, Keiron Sparrowhawk(Justice and Peace, St Mellitus, UK), Ken Butigan(Pace e Bene), Kenneth Mayers(Veterans For Peace), Kenneth Wardrop(Stirling CND), Kerry Long(University of Hawaii at Manoa), Ketei Matsui(Global Campaign for Peace Education, Japan), Kevin Martin(Peace Action), Kikuko Nakahara, Kil Sang Yoon(Korean American National Coordinating Council, Inc.), Kimiko Matsuda, Kirity Roy (MASUM), Kit Fry(Moray Peace Builders), Kitamura Megumi (Japanese Army Comfort Women Problem Solving Hiroshima Network), Kiwamu Ogawa, Kiyoko Schneiss(Deutsche Ostasienmission), Koohan Paik(International Forum on Globalization), Kozue Akibayashi(Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom), Kristin Douglas, Kristina Wolff(Veterans for Peace), Kunio Asato(Henoko Blue), Kyle Kajihiro(Hawaiʻi Peace and Justice), Kyoko Okumoto(Northeast Asia Regional Peacebuilding Institute), Kyu Hyun Kim(, Laam Hae(York University), Larry Kerschner(VFP Rachel Corrie Chapter 109), Laura Wilder(Pax Christi Dallas), Lenette Toledo(Columban Missionaries), Leonard Eiger(Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action), Lina Koleilat(The Australian National University), Linda Hugl(Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), Lindis Percy(Co-Founder of the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB)), Lisa Savage(Maine Natural Guard), Liu ChiaSheng(Peace for the Sea), Loreta Castro(Center for Peace Education), Louise Legun(Veterans For Peace), Luis Frailes Álvaro (Grupo de Estudios Literarios y Decoloniales Asia-Pacífico en Madrid), Lynn Jamieson(Scottish branch of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), Maggie Galley(Pax Christi Australia NSW Branch), Maggie Holdsworth(Concerned human), Malcolm Bruce(Edinburgh CND), Manuel Pardo(Frente Antiimperialista Internacionalista), Margaret Tonkin(Pax Christi Victoria. Australia), Margery Toller(Christian CND, Anglican Pacifist Fellowship), Marie Dennis(Pax Christi International), Mark Kaplan(Grey Matter Media), Martha Duenas Baum(Famoksaiyian – Guahan), Martha Hennessy(Catholic Worker), Martin Newell cp(Passionists UK), Mary Beth Sullivan(Global Network), Mary Branson(St Marys Catholic Church), Masae Yuasa(Hiroshima City University), Masakazu Yasui (Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs (Gensuikyo)), Masako Suzuki(Northern dugong research team), Masako Tanaka(Sophia University), Masato Minamino(Okinawa-Korea People Solidarity), Masato Shinozaki, Mayumi Seita, Merci Angeles(Peace Women Partners), Meri Joyce(Peace Boat), Mesopotamia Ecology Movement, Michael Bloom(Abingdon Peace Group), Michael O’Sullivan(Columbans Ireland), Michael Orgel(Medact Scotland), Mike Hastie(Veterans For Peace), Miliann Kang, Mina Watanabe(Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace (WAM)), Minah Seo(Columban Lay Missionary), Minoru Haseagwa(Okinawa Peace Support), Minoru Suda(Article) Messege Project), Mio Kokubun(Okinawa Baptist convention), Mio Nogawa(Alternative People’s Linkage in Asia), Misako Ichimura(Nora), Morag Carmichael(Trident Ploughshares), Mort Stamm, Motoki Tomoyose, Munemitsu Shiota, Munenori Ohwan 大湾 宗則(米軍Xバンドレーダー基地反対京都/近畿連絡会, No Base! 沖縄とつながる京都の会), Nan Kim(Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea, Women Cross DMZ), Nancy E. Galland(Natural Resource Defense Council USA), Natasha Mayers(Union of Maine Visual Artists), Nick Molnar(Moray Peace Builders), Nigel Young(Local Peace Group), Noam Chomsky(Linguist/Social Critic), Noboru Takeno, Noriko Kato(Stop!Henoko-umetate-campaign), Noriko Kyogoku(Base stop from bus stop(KANAGAWA)), Noriko Nakamatsu(Henoko Blue), Nuki Ashi, Olga Fedorenko(Seoul National University), Olivia Agate(Trident Ploughshares/CND), Osamu M akishi(Diving Team Rainbow), Pat Cunningham (Columban Justice and Peace), Pat Gaffney(Pax Christi British Section), Pat Sanchez(Greater Manchester CND), Patricia Antonyshyn, Patrick McInerney(Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations), Paul Krumm(Salina Resistance), Paul Schneiss(Deutsche Ostasienmission), Penny Morris(Veterans For Peace, MAINE), Penny Walker(Leicester Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), Peter Hughes(Society of St. Columban), Peter Lanyon(Trident Ploughshares, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), Peter O’Neill(Columban Mission Centre Peace, Ecology and Justice Office), Peter S. Morgan, Jr.(Veterans For Peace, USA Coast Guard), Peter Vanhoutte, Pierre Rousset(Europe solidaire sans frontières (ESSF)), Prescilla D. Tulipat(UP Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment), Puaʻena N. Ahn, Rachael M Joo(Middlebury College), Rachel Western, Rafendi Djamin(Human Rights Working Group – Indonesia), Ramsay Liem(Boston College), Rebecca Johnson(Women in Black), Rebecca Woodsford(Gareloch Hortis), Regina Hagen(Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space), Reiner Braun(International Peace Bureau), Renate Zauner (Trident Ploughshares), Rie Nakaya(Vancouver Save Article 9), Rikiya Miwa(AWC), Rita Camilleri(Pax Christi Victoria), Robert B. Shetterly(Americans Who tell the Truth), Robert L. Dale(Veterans for Peace), Robert Morris(Veterans For Peace, MAINE), Robin Spencer(Maine Veterans for Peace), Roger Leisner(Radio Free Maine), Rolly Bea, Romi Elnagar(Green Party of the US (unofficial) Issues and Discussion Group), Romina Beitseen(Campaign for International Co-operation and Disarmament (CICD)), Rosalie Tyler Paul (Greater Bunswick Peaceworks), Rose Berger(Sojourners), Rosemary Theobalds(Gareloch Hortis), Rowena leder(Grassington & District Peace Group North Yorkshire England), Ruchama Marton, Russell Wray(Citizens Opposing Active Sonar Threats), Ryoko Okazaki (Ritsumeikan University), S. Unzu Lee(Presbyterian Peace Network for Korea), Saito Takako(Saitma Teachers’ Union), Sarah Lasenby(Oxford Quakers), Sarah Swift(Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign), Sasha Davis(Keene State College), Satoko Oka Norimatsu(Peace Philosophy Centre), Sean Martin(Society of Saint Columban), Seth Martin(The Menders), Seung Hee Jeon(Boston College), Shigeo Kobayashi(Japanese Against Nuclear UK), Shigeru Takagi (NPO Vountary Night School in Matsudo city), Shizuko Nagashima , Sho Nagamine, Shona Mcalpine(Scottish CND), Simone Chun(Women Cross DMZ), Sisto dos Santos(The HAK Association), Soomin Seo(Temple University), Sriprakash Mayasandra(Mennonite Central Committee), Stephen Hull, Stuart Parkinson(Scientists for Global Responsibility), Subodh Raj Pyakurel(INSEC), Sue Park-Hur(Reconciliasian), Sumi Hasegawa(Article 9 Canada), Sumie Mizusawa(Henoko blue), Sungeun Kim(Filmmaker), Susan Bennet(Gareloch Horticulturalists peace action group), Suzanne Ewing(Pax Chrisit USA), Suzanne Hedrick(Global works, Women’s International League for Peace), Suzuyo Takazato(Okinawa Women Act Against Military Violence), Suzy Kim, Swedish Peace Council, Takao Takahara(Peace Depot), Takashi Tanino(Agenda Project), Takehiko Ito(Wako University), Tamayo Yamshiro(Henoko blue), Tarak Kauff(Veterans For Peace), Taworu Yamasaki(Henoko Blue), Terri Kekoolani (Hawaii Peace and Justice), Terry Andrews, Terry Byrne(Pax Christi, Victoria, Australia), Theresa Wolfwood(Centre Foundation Barnard-Boecker), Thomas Harty(Veterans for Peace), Tim Shorrock(The Nation), Timothy Zhu(Democratic Socialists of Honolulu), Tom D’Arcy(D’Arcy), Tom Rainey-Smith, Tomas Remiarz(GreenLand Services), Tomiko Suzuki, Tommy Griffin(Veterans For Peace Chapter 170), Toshio Takahashi 高橋 年男 (沖縄―韓国民衆連帯), Tsuneo Takeuchi , Tyson Smith Berry Jr(4Kids International), Ulla Klötzer(Women Against Nuclear Power – Finland), Universal Peace&Social Development Society , Valerie Flessati(Pax Christi), Vicki Beitseen(CICD), Vincent Moinard, Viv Ring (Derby CND), Vladimir Tikhonov (박노자)(Oslo University), Wamuyu (Pax Christi international), Will Griffin(The Peace Report), William H. Slavick(Pax Christi Maine), Will Yang, World BEYOND War, Wu Ju Mei, Yeonhee Kim (University of Hawai’i Manoa), Yoko(Henoko blue), Yoko Iemoto(Article 9 Canada), Yoshida Ai 吉田藍 , Yoshio Nakamura(AWC-Japan), Yosi (Jo) McIntire(The Friendship Association), Youjeong Oh(The University of Texas at Austin), Youki Kato, Young Sun Han, Yuji Murakami, Yukiko Okamoto(not organisation), Yumiko Makihara, 上間芳子(沖縄平和市民連絡会), 仲村渠 政彦(わが沖縄を考えるひとりの会), 土井陽子, 富樫純子, 小西誠(社会批評社), 山田星河, 廣瀬 康代(あぷら), 清水早子(しみずはやこ)(宮古島ピースアクション実行委員会), 瀧川 順朗(AWC), 陳姿吟 이상 총 435명

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