Yang Yoon-Mo Released From Prison!

Yang Yoon-Mowas released after 435 days in prison, which is his 4th time imprisonment on the way opposing to the Jeju naval base.[…]

Yang Yoon-Mo was freed after 435days

Photo source site Yang Yoon-Mo who was directly arrested from the court on Feb. 1, 2013 was freed at 00:04 am, April 12, 2014, after 435 days in prison. Related site Yang Yoon-Mo Released From Prison! Yang Out of Jail, April 12,  Organizing Notes blog

Yang Yoon-Mo is Gureombi

A special film marking Yang Yoon-Mo reaching 1 year of imprisonment, created by Gangjeong video documentarian Dungaree.  The English subtitles were translated by Davy Jackson. In relation, Andrew from the UK writes: Yesterday, on Feb. 1, we were invited to talk about the Jeju naval base by the German Church in London, as part of a seminar exploring the life […]

Jan 27th was the 4th meeting of the Demilitarize Jeju group in commemoration of the 9th year of the declaration of Jeju as the Island of World Peace. It was also held in remembrance of Prof. Yang Yoon Mo who will reach one year of imprisonment on February 1st. In the day time in front of the construction gate, there […]

Yang Yoon-Mo hit his 68th prison day as of April 8, Monday. On April 10, he would hit his 70th prison day. On a sunny Monday, the way to the meeting room of the Jeju prison was filled with green trees and magnolia. Yang Yoon-Mo was still in patient cloth. Though still thin, he looked bright. His hairs were cut in […]

Rev. Kim Hong-Sool, representative of Busan, SPARK, and Rev. Kim Hee-Yong, Gwangju, have taken a fast prayer meeting in solidarity with the sufferings of Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo and Gureombi Rock in front of the Jeju prison from March 26 to 29, 2013, during the Passion week according to the Christian faith before Easter. Pat Cunningham, a Columban Father said on […]

Update from Ishle Yi Park on March 24 : See the underneath. Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo will end his 52 days long hunger strike on March 24 on Sunday. Eight representatives of SPARK (Solidarity for Peace And Reunification of Korea) peace organization and Fr. Mun Jeong-hyon visited Prof. Yang to Jeju prison on March 19 and pleaded to stop the fast. In […]

  The Korean media, Hankyoreh, a prominent center-left media, Voice of People, a leading alternative media  and Headline Jeju, a leading internet media, Jeju, reported on March 18, 2013 that Prof. Noam Chomsky sent a message for Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo via Simone Chun, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Suffolk University. It is Prof. Chomsky’s 2nd supporting message for Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo, following 2012 […]

Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo hit 45th prison fast day as of March 17, 2013. On March 15, the National Network of Korean Civil Society for Opposing to the Naval Base dispatched some representing people to the Jeju Prison. They are Fr. Mun Jeong-Hyeon, Fr. Mun Kyu-Hyun, mayor Kang Dong-Kyun, Mr. Kim Duk-Jin (Secretary of the Catholic Human Rights Committee) and Jang Hana […]

Free Yang Yoon-Mo Candlelight Vigil

On the evening of February 15th, a small group of villagers, activists, friends and supporters of Gangjeong and the recently imprisoned Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo, gathered in front of the Jeju Prison to have a candlelight vigil. Despite the cold, they sang songs, played violin, watched a short film interview with Prof. Yang, called and shouted to him in his cell, […]