1 year has passed March 7th, 2013 was the date  commemorating one year anniversary on the navy’s blast of the Gureombi Rock despite people’s fierce opposition to it. The people’s struggles to save the Gureombi Rock, the absolute preservation coastal area of the Gangjeong village, reached one of their highest points during the time when the blast was continued […]

Dungree video recollecting one year ago, the day when the government started the blast on the Gureombi Rock..it was screened on March 2 when there was people’s commemoration event on the 1 year anniversary of the blast on the Gureombi Rock (See the event program here and event photos here) Despite the opposition even by Island governor, Woo Keun-Min, and […]

The below is a re-post from the Truth Out North Korea and the United States: Will the Real Aggressor Please Stand Down? Thursday, 28 February 2013 10:21By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers , Truthout | Op-Ed US political leaders and media pundits trumpet North Korea’s recent testing of missiles and nuclear weapons as a great threat. But the US mass media do not tell […]

Jeju The Demilitarized Peace Island, 2nd Rally

On March 1st, the anniversary of the beginning of the Korean independence movement against the Japanese colonialists, the 2nd Rally for the new movement to make Jeju the Demilitarized Peace Island was held in Jeju City in front of the historic Gwandoekjeong and the historic Jeju Mok office. The buildings were administrative offices during the Joseon Dynasty, with presumed roots back to the Tamna Kingdom Period. […]

Solidarity trip to Okinawa: Thanks for solidarity!

The members of the Tamra Artists Association of the Jeju, including Mr. Koh Gilchun,  has visited Okinawa, as its artists’ culture trip program from Feb. 19 to 23, 2013. During the trip, Mr Koh Gilchun has visited Takae, a small town located in the northeastern part of Okinawa, struggling against the expansion of the US military helipad that destroys  its […]

We called him, “Benj.’ The villagers used to call him, ‘Benjari,’ which sounds similar to the name of a fish, “jari,’ very common in the Jeju Island. It was Miryang, a village woman, who put him with such nickname. A villager poet, Kim Sung-Gyu wrote a poem for ‘Benjari,’ from the intimate feeling toward him. Benjamin Monnet, a French peace […]

  Following the Jan. 27 event, the 2nd event to build the Jeju as the Demilitarized Peace Island is held in the Gwandeokjeong, Jeju City, Jeju island on March 1, from 11 am to the afternoon. Internationals are welcome to join.  Please see the detailed information in the below (translation of the event notice sent by the preparatory people) Otherwise, […]

This is Gangjeong Village! (2012, Year in Review)

2012 in Review. In Korean only for now. Korean. Directed by Dunguree Summary: As done at the end of every year, an old year is good-byed and a New Year is welcomed with the fire ceremony and wind-lantern flying. Last year, people made a ceremony of putting the fire on the cotton-made letters of ‘absolutely no Jeju naval base.’ The […]

In this month’s issue: Launch of the new demilitarize Jeju campaign, Samsung above the law?, U.S. military wrecks in coral reef, more prisoner releases, Yang Yoon-Mo arrested and on hunger strick, Interview with former prisoner, continued environmental regulation problems, and more! Download PDF

Hawaiian friend held a peace concert in Gangjeong

A friend of Peace from Hawai’i, who has passionately spread the news of Gangjeong in Hawaii and joined the sufferings of Gangjeong for two weeks has recently left the village. Deulkkot, a peace activist here, made an improvised costume for her with Korean-traditional cloths. On Feb. 20 the Hawaiian goddess made a peace concert in front of the Jeju naval […]