Yang Yoon-Mo hit his 68th prison day as of April 8, Monday. On April 10, he would hit his 70th prison day.

On a sunny Monday, the way to the meeting room of the Jeju prison was filled with green trees and magnolia.

Yang Yoon-Mo was still in patient cloth. Though still thin, he looked bright. His hairs were cut in tidy fashion.  The international team member could not tell him that there clash began in front of the construction sites from the early morning of the day because she worried about his heath that is still in recovering process.


A tree seen on the way to the meeting room of the Jeju Prison

Instead she delivered him some international solidarity messages sent to him after the end of his 52 days’ fast as of March 24 and asked his reply to the people who sent those.

For all the international solidarity messages mainly sent on March 31, please see the bottom. Here is his reply:


Thanks to the international team, the news on me has been informed. It is my honor to be  one with the peace activists in the world.

I will not do anything more to bother my body. I think it should be my return for the friendship and support of those.

I will do all my efforts to renew my daily change always. It is the will to be along with all the living creatures, not regarding body merely as an individual matter.

I thank all the friends in the world, especially to Bruce Gagnon, who helped me to realize that.”


The below is his reply on the question of his health, such as dyslexia:

I will eat rice gruel by the end of this month so it will be thankful if people could send me enzyme by the end of this month. I need two bottles of enzyme a week. Since my power of concentration has become very weak, I can hardly read letters yet. I am planning to apply for a meeting with psychologist in the prison.

Currently five people including me are in a same sick room. Since the other people in a room prefer to watch the TV, It is hard for me to mentally concentrate. There is no clash with them but I suffer in my head as I try to overcome my inner conflict.

My only way is to hold mass alone at 11 am,  same time with Catholic mass that is held in the village and focus on it. It feels like I have given stress to my physical body for last two months’ fast.

Since relaxation is needed to release stress, I am trying not to push compulsion in my body. I have experienced chill three times since the end of my fast because of lowered immunity. I felt my body was shivering like an aspen. Since my body has become very sensitive even to cold wind, I restrain myself even from outdoor exercise (which is allowed for 15 to 20 minutes a day for every prisoner) I make efforts not to make my body to be excessive.”


Yang was happy to hear the news that the 4·3 movie ‘Jiseul,’ has already attracted more than 70,000 audience throughout the nation, which is quite a remarkable record for an independent movie. He has originally dreamed at least 30,000 audience for the movie. He was also glad to hear that the 4·3 –remembering events were very meaningful this year because of the outcomes of two 4·3 movies(Jiseul and Binyom) and a book named, ‘You, Dear Gangjeong.’ Reports on the 4·3 events will come as soon as possible.



International Solidarity message to Yang Yoon-Mo and Park Sung-Soo (Dungree)

Here are the International solidarity messages mostly sent and collected on March 31. See the Korean translation, here. The village international team had asked the friends in the world to send the messages to the two people of Yang Yoon-Mo and Mr. Park Sung-Soo (Dungree) before it. Mr. Park Sung-Soo who has refused to pay unjust fines and to be volunteering to be jailed was suddenly released on April 1 as an anonymouse people paid for his fines without his knowledge and will.


Bruce Gagnon, US


Dear Yang Yoon-Mo,

I was happy to learn you ended your courageous hunger strike against the Navy base.  It was a good decision to live and fight another day.

Your efforts over the past couple of years have been deeply inside my heart and remain there.

Each day you and others spend in jail is another day I look to do something, anything to help Save Gangjeong village and the nature that surrounds it.

I often watch the video Island of Stone (* movie in 2011, see the below), which always brings tears to my eyes, to hear your profound analysis and sacred love for nature. I send you my best wishes for strong healing and hope your abdominal muscles are now working overtime.

For peace with justice,

ISLAND OF STONE from Island of Stone on Vimeo.


Park Sung-Soo,

I write to thank you so much for your excellent photos and videos which have helped me from so far away stay close to the resistance against the Navy base.

I was sad to hear of your jail sentence but also felt proud of you for refusing to pay the illegal and immoral fines.

Please know that your good efforts for real peace and justice are deeply appreciated by many of us. I send you my best wishes and look forward to your visual art works very soon.

In peace,


Bruce K. Gagnon


Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

PO Box 652 Brunswick, ME 04011

(207) 443-9502



http://space4peace.blogspot.com/  (blog)


*# Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.  ~Henry David Thoreau


Lindis Percy and Laila Packer, UK


Dear friends Yang Yoon-Mo and Park Sung-Soo (Dungree)


We are thinking of you so much and send you greetings, solidarity and love.

We hope that the health and strength of Yang Yoon-Mo is recovering and that soon your body will be restored.

Your mind has always been amazingly strong!  You are both very brave and courageous and inspiring people.

We hope that the prison authorities are treating you well and with the respect you deserve.

In peace and love


Lindis Percy and Laila Packer

Joint Coordinators




John Goss


I am so sorry to learn of your imprisonment for taking a stand in protection of Jeju Island. Your efforts to stop the advance of US military occupation is inspirational. I pray for your release.


Agneta Norberg, Swedish Peace Council


I am so sorry to learn  of your imprisonment for taking a stand in protection of Jeju Island. Your efforts to stop the advance of US military occupation is inspirational.

I pray for your release. We in Swedish Peace Council,Sweden, want to express our SOLIDARITY and support for Yang Yoon-Mo and Park Sung-Soo in their just and fair struggle against the US marine base in Gangjeong village.

We also  want to express our disgust against the jailing of these two honest persons! We condemn SAMSUNGS COOPERATION IN US WARPREPARATIONS in SouthKorea.

We say: Stay firm! We are with you in our thoughts!

Agneta Norberg, Swedish Peace Council


Carole from Luxemburg


Dear Yang Yoon-Mo and Park Sung-Soo,

From far away Luxemburg I am following your plight, courage and fight against injustices!

I have great respect for what you do! With more people with your courage this would be a better and juster world!

I can not do much here in Luxemburg to help, but talk about the fight in Gangjeong to everyone I meet.

You are an inspiration!


Carole from Luxemburg

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