The Korean media, Hankyoreh, a prominent center-left media, Voice of People, a leading alternative media  and Headline Jeju, a leading internet media, Jeju, reported on March 18, 2013 that Prof. Noam Chomsky sent a message for Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo via Simone Chun, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Suffolk University.

It is Prof. Chomsky’s 2nd supporting message for Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo, following 2012 when Prof. Yang was imprisoned  for the 3rd time and took more than 42 days’ prison fast. Prof. Noam Chomsky has been a strong supporter for the Jeju Struggle against the naval base and has sent a message during the last Presidential election as well.

We so thank him and Simone Chun, Ph. D  to take solidarity for Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo.

The below is Noam Chomsky’s message forwarded by Simone Chun. His message was written on March 16, 2013

I understand that Professor Yang Yoon-Mo is still imprisoned for maintaining his opposition to the construction of the Jeju naval base, and is now at the 44th day of his hunger strike in protest against the base and his sentencing. I would like to urge, once again, that Professor Yang be immediately released, and free to continue his just and courageous protests against the base on Jeju Island, designated an “island of peace.”

Noam Chomsky

양윤모 선생위한 촛불

Simone Chun, Ph. D with her graduate students in the human rights class being solidarity with Yang Yoon-Mo (Photo fwd by Simone Chun, Ph. D)

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