Rev. Kim Hong-Sool, Busan SPARK/ Image provided by Rev. Kim Hee-Yong. For more photos, see here.

Rev. Kim Hong-Sool, representative of Busan, SPARK, and Rev. Kim Hee-Yong, Gwangju, have taken a fast prayer meeting in solidarity with the sufferings of Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo and Gureombi Rock in front of the Jeju prison from March 26 to 29, 2013, during the Passion week according to the Christian faith before Easter.


Rev. Kim Hee-Yong, Gwangju (Image provided by Rev. Kim Hee-Yong)

Pat Cunningham, a Columban Father said on March 26, “A wonderful expression of solidarity with Prof. Yang as he begins the recovery process back to full health! I pray this week as we remember the sufferings and deep humiliation that Jesus suffered at the hands of his oppressors and the subsequent humiliation of being put on trial and executed as a common criminal despite being an innocent man we pray that no more violence and injustice will be visited on the brave peace makers in Gangjeong village! As people of hope and people of the resurrection we pray that justice will flow like a mighty stream once again and that the village of Gangjeong will return to its rightful custodians-the villagers and not the navy!”

It is told that, when the two visited Prof. Yang Yoon-Mo on the last day, Yang said to them, “I have been lonely to be alone, but was encouraged to hear that you were suffering with me outside. Let’s please gather power together.”

In the press conference ending their fasts, they demanded release of the political prisoners for opposition activities against the Jeju naval base construction, retraction of fine sentence, and construction stop.

In their statement to the citizens and Island people, they stated that it is the crucifixion of this era that there are the imprisonments of the villagers and peace activists who have peacefully made efforts to stop the naval base construction in Gangjoeng and the reality that a community that has lived peacefully from its ancestors is moaning.

They explained that “From the heart to join the pain of the Gureombi Rock though it is a small gesture, we came here to the site of suffering, the Jeju Prison, where Yang Yoon-Mo has carried out decisive action with 52 days’ fast.

They scolded that “the war is a monster feeding itself with human blood. The humiliating activity to hand over here to the battle field of another country is a shameful deed that is nothing to do with peace and development. The naval base that is constructed destroying the nature and community is not self-reliant defense but [Korea] will be a consumption country for the war material–production corporations and their trash site.”

Yonhap news-two revs

Press conference ending the four days fast and prayer for the stop of Jeju military base and for the release of Prof. Yang. . .”War cannot be justified for any reasons nor any causes. . .as it is a monster living as eating human blood.” From the left, Rev. Kim Hong-sul, representative of Busan SPARK, and Rev. Kim Hee-yong, representative of Gwangju Citizen Center. . .They have fasted in a tent in front of Jeju prison for the past 4 days from March 26 during the Passion week. (image/ caption provided by Regina Pyon)

Saying on Park Sung-Soo (38), a peace activist that chose a prison labor rather than fines of 1,500,000 KRW, that “a dedicated activist has entered the prison choosing hardships,” they urged to release all the prisoners and retract heavy fine sentences.

They bowed saying that “more than 70 % of the Northwest Youth League that massacred people during the Jeju 4·3 were Christians. Even though we are not representing them, we would like to pay bows of repentance to the Jeju Island people and Gangjeong villagers from the heart to repent our sins.”


Two reverends bow on March 29 (Image source: Headline Jeju, March 29, 2013)

In their ending prayer, mayor Knag Dong-Kyun and chairman Go Gwon-Il joined the event.


‘Trouble is not coming to us but it is for our approaching to it_by Rev. Kim Hee-Yong, March 26, 2013.’  Messages on the wire fence of the Jeju prison (Image source: Jeju Sori, March 26, 2013)

(Summary by Regina Pyon and Sung-Hee Choi)

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