It was March 11, 2013 that Mr. Kim Hak-Ku was injured by the police’s  violence to him. The police intentionally pulled down the chair he was walking on as part of his protest/performance. Mr. Kim Hak-Ku has already been injured many times during his protests especially during the blast period last year.


Photo and caption by U-Jin Kang/ On March 11, 2013, Mr. Kim Hak-Ku was injured as the police intentionally pulled down a chair underneath him. ‘The peace activist fell down from a chair in front of the naval base project bldg. complex and was carried by ambulance to hospital. When the police allowed the cement truck before ambulance, the people protested to it. then a policemen let the ambulance go first..’

You may watch the Dungree video here.


As the navy enforcement on the 24 hour entry/ exit of construction trucks restarted on March 18, after it posed for about two weeks, more injuries of people are concerned about in coming days.


“You cannot love holding weapon.”

March 14

Photo fwd by Saltcandy Yohan on March 14, 2013, around 2:56 pm / Activists holding pickets in front of the naval base project building complex: “The cement cannot make a flower bloom” and “You cannot love holding weapon.”

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