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This issue of the CCAO e-bulletin we are focusing on the Jeju Island off of South Korea. Known for its incredible biodiversity, God’s Creation on Jeju Island is threatened with plans to build a military base that will most likely destroy the fragile coral reef ecosystem, contaminate food and water sources in the Gangjeong community, and harm their local economy and livelihoods. Pollution from toxic chemicals, destruction of fragile ecosystems, and a large presence of military personnel are the biggest concerns. Gangjeong, the site of the proposed base, is surrounded by a biosphere reserve and three UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to the ecological significance of the region. Big interests from corporations, foreign and domestic militaries, and politicians have high stakes in seeing this project go forward.

Columbans, in particular Fr. Pat Cunningham, have been involved with this struggle for some time now- as have other Catholic orders, faith traditions, environmentalists, and peace activists through the Save Jeju Now Coalition. The coalition has been organizing the last six years to oppose the naval base construction. Read more about the coalition efforts and the big interests behind the base.

Take Action to Protect Jeju Island- The Island of Peace

As people of faith we are called to protect God’s precious gift of Creation and respect the human dignity and worth of every person. The Jeju Island Naval Base construction threatens unique and fragile ecosystems, the traditional life of Gangjeong villagers, and peace in South Korea’s “Island of Peace.” Click here to learn more and find a sample letter to send to the Korean Ambassador.

The Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach (CCAO) coordinates the Columban Fathers’ Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) Ministry in the United States and is responsible for the content of this monthly e-bulletin. For comments and questions, we can be reached at: or 301-565-4547/301-565-4547

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