Fr. Lee Young-Chan prays in front of the main construction gate of Jeju naval base project right after forcefully being carried away by the police (Aug. 3, 2012). Image: Catholic News Here and Now

The review on the legality of confinement of Jesuit priest Fr. Lee Young-Chan, was held on November 6. However, the request for his release was dismissed and the legality of his arrest was confirmed. While the review was being held, a prayer gathering of fellow priests, nuns and peace activists was held in front of the Jeju District Court in Jeju City. Jesuits Korea issued a statement on his arrest and appealed for solidarity and support for Fr. Lee, saying that the Jeju naval base project is an international issue and they will continue to raise awareness of this issue especially among North American and Asia-Pacific region Jesuits. They will also hold a Catholic mass on November 9 at 4:30 p.m. at the Jesuit Center in Seoul concerning the current situation and for the release of Fr. Lee and other imprisoned peace activists. Fr.Lee was arrested on October 24 on charges of Obstruction of Business while he was protesting against the arrest of another peace activist at the gate of Jeju naval base construction site.


Fr. Lee has climbed on top of cement mixer trucks many times in protest of the Jeju naval base project. Image: Cho Sung-Bong



Current Gangjeong Prisoners of Conscience as of Nov. 8, 2012:

Mr. Kim Bok-Chul,  (No. 598) – 150th day in prison
Rev. Jeong Yeon-Gil (No. 187) – 64th day in prison
Mr. Park Suk-Jin (No. 188) – 64th day in prison
Mr. Park Seung-Ho (No. 290) – 55th day in prison
Fr. Lee Young-Chan (No. 407) – 16th day in prison

Please send support letters addressed to: Jeju Prison,  161 Ora-2 dong, Jeju City, Jeju Island, Korea (include prisoner name and number)


Remebering Fr. Lee Young-Chan’s struggle

Video by Dungree  (Source: Click here)


Photo by Bae Gi-Chul and caption by Regina Pyon/ Lunch time after Catholic mass at lower gate.. .While they are surrounding like this, part of the police start action to remove other activists at upper gate to make a way for cement mixing trucks and other vehicles on Nov. 8



이영찬 신부 구속적부심 기각, 구속 확정
이영찬 신부의 구속은 해군기지 강행 의지 드러낸 것”
예수회, 9일 오후 4시 30분 서울 신수동 예수회센터에서 시국미사 봉헌

Fr. Lee’s letter from prison, “Jeju as Island of Peace”‘
이영찬 신부의 옥중서신 “제주를 평화의 섬으로”

Statement of Jesuits Korea on the arrest of Fr. Lee Young-chan. 
예수회 “이영찬 신부 헌신적 활동에 감사, 적극 지지”
1월 9일 오후 4시 30분 예수회센터에서 이영찬 신부 석방 촉구 미사
“많은 사람들과 제주 해군기지에 대한 문제의식 공유하고 행동할 것”



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