Jan. 7 was a busy day for the Gangjeong Village. The Gangjeong Village Association warned to the police through its official letter to Jang Jeon-Bae, Chief of the Jeju Provincial Police Agency, titled, “The police should immediately take off their hands from the Jeju naval base project of illegal construction,’ saying that “if the police continue to repress our just claims and activities with their mobilization of state power, we cannot but file for the judiciary disposal against  the related personnel.” (You can see the original Korean statement, here and related article here.)

Otherwise, the village representatives meeting with Woo Keun-Min, Island governor, for about an hour in the Island government hall in the Jeju City at 5 pm, delivered a villagers’ opinion letter to him. The letter included the contents on the demand on the construction stop during the 70 days’ verification period and on the thorough verification on the simulation on 150,000 ton cruises planned within this month and ‘civilian-military complex port for tour beauty-the National Assembly subsidiary conditions attached to its passing of 2013 Jeju naval base budget. It is told that the Island governor Woo, showing positive attitude on the villagers’ demands, expressed his will to deliver the villagers’ opinions to the Office of prime Minister. (Please refer to a Korean article here.)

In the evening at 8 pm, there was a general meeting by the villagers and activists who, fully filling the meeting room, discussed about the tasks and plans of the struggle in the future. Various discussion on how to unify centered on the villagers, how to inform the truth to the Island people and how to express our will etc. The details of content will be known through the future struggles in time.

The below is a collection of photos  taken by many people from the morning of Jan. 7 to the early dawn of Jan. 8. They are the photos on the people’s picketings against illegal construction despite the National assembly demand on 70 days’ construction stop. Many young activists contributed to make the pickets on Jan. 7.


Around 9:30 am, the company thugs removed all the timbers of the barricade for the entry of construction trucks. Meanwhile, people’s 100 bows went on.


Around 10:23 am: The company thugs and security guys remove the trucks whenever there are little people in front of the gates, not necessarily for the entry for trucks. It is the talk with one security man (not the man in the photo). “Sir, why do you remove our stuffs. Are you properly getting wages for your works? We hear that the Government did not allocate construction costs from Jan. 1 because of the National assembly subsidiary condition on 70 days.” “It is a voluntary work.” “Are you serious? You don’t have your family members whom you should feed?” A peace activist uses his body to protect timbers.


Around 10:30 am, Jan. 7/ Various construction vehicles come and go. Where did the bidgets for those come from?


Around 10:30 am, Jan. 7/ Suspicious automobiles..

catholic mass

Around 11:10 am. Jan. 7, 2013/ During the Catholic mass, a construction truck is waiting for exit inside the gate of the construction area.



Around 12:55 pm, Jan. 7: The police threaten people that they would arrest the young man and a Catholic priest under the charge of obstruction of business. The Catholic priest is holding a sign that reads, “Stop the illegal construction that is being enforced without allocation of budget since Jan. 1, 2013!” The young man is holding a sign, “Here is the Gangjeong village. Here is our village that we have to save to the end.”

Director Cho Sung-Bong has the praising remark on the young man. “Love you, Dauri”. . .Young photographer, Dauri, is in direct peace action at the main gate of Jeju naval base building site. . .He has been arrested 6 times. . . has been on trials on charges of trespassing Gureombi rock three times and on charges of obstruction of business three times. . . Gangjeong is the school of Human rights, peace. ..and arts for him who has come as an 18 year old young man. He is now 20 years old. . .Photo essay by Cho Sung-bong, click here. (Regina Pyon)


Jan. 7, around 12:59pm: Despite illegal construction, police illegal detaining of people is continuously going on.


Jan. 7, around 12:59pm: We want to ask the policeman, “What will be if it is your hometown.” The young man is holding a sign, “Here is the Gangjeong village. Here is our village that we have to save to the end.”


Jan. 7, around 1pm: A young woman activist made a testimony, “ While a giant size vehicle hit me who was taking a record on the sidewalk, the police, letting alone the vehicle, illegally detained me.” You can see the Dungree video on the giant vehicle passing on the side walk and damaging it. (Click here, around 01:15-01:59)


Jan. 7, around 2pm: About 10 dredge ships on the sea.. where did the construction budget come from? The navy has said it has left only 1.5 billion won at the time of National Assembly examination on budget.. Also the Ministry of Strategy and Finance said it allocated only 16.2 billion won, which is applicable only for management cost and 20 days (90 days of the 1st quarter fiscal period minus 70 days). Several photos taken at similar time were linked together. Do you know that there are people who cannot sleep because of night time construction? Somone who lives far from the coast says it has been twice that she could not sleep at all because of night time construction noise on the sea from Jan. 1 to 7.

7 20

Jan. 7, around 7:20 pm: Three cement mixer trucks, a dump truck, a crane entered. A lightening car for the night time construction was turned on. The police continuously encircle people while saying it is for people’s safety. Are the police, government employee saying that they are not aware it is an illegal construction? Are they really the government employees who get wages from our tax? It was uncommon when a chief of police women, upon the protest by people, ordered her policewomen to release their arms that they tied together to detain a woman activist. Are the police hesitantly acknowledging that they could be punished under the charge of illegal detention? (maximum 7 years’ imprisonment and 10 years’ qualification pose)

1 23

Photo by Saltcandy Yohan/ Jan. 8, around 01:23 am The peace keepers are making all the efforts to stop the illegal construction.

Novie Na  3 15

Photo by Park Inchun, post by Novie Na/ Jan. 8, around 3:15 am


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