Photo by Tommy Shin Jung-Hyun/ Village mayor Kang Dong-Kyun makes a speech against the Jeju naval base project in front of the US embassy in the center of Seoul on Nov. 13, 2012: “US, listen to me!”


Citing an article of Chosun Ilbo on Nov. 14, the Jeju Sori on Nov. 14 reports that the Democratic United Party is withdrawing from its official position of ‘whole cut’ on the 2013 Jeju naval base budget. It is considering ‘conditional pass,’ of about 200 billion won budget for 2013 naval base project. Its reasoning is told that because ‘it is afraid of bad influence to the Presidential election in December, if it cuts the 2013 budget on the project.’

To the people’s indignation, the party has attributed its failure in April 11 general election to its changed position into the critique on the currently enforced naval base project to the dislike by the general South Korean citizens for whom security consciousness is presumed by the party to be important. Such analysis has gotten much criticism from the progressive who analyzed the party’s failure as the Party’s remaining unchanged without true renovations and the Party’s weak efforts to persuade people.

The Pan-Island Committee for the Stop of Military Base and for the Realization of Peace Island stated in its refuting statement on Nov. 13.

“While the technical verification committee is not neutral, the suspicions on the flaws of base design and on the unreliable caisson production has not disappeared. The matter on simulation has not properly done under the Lee Myung Bak government. It should be righteous that all the naval base budgets should be cut.”

Photo by Cho Sung-Bong in his  Ohmynews article, Nov. 13 / The illegal naval base construction (destruction) is destroying environment in thorough violation of the EIA and wasting people’s tax enormously.


“The Democratic United Party has promised on the construction stop and re-examination of the project, but is now being shifted to have an opinion of ‘partial [or all] pass with subsidiary conditions. To say ‘subsidiary opinion’ so and so is an attempt to dissipate its Presidential candidates’ promise to people.”  (* How self- contradictory for the Democratic United Party to say it is, reminding that the Party has cut the budget in 2012 because the navy did not kept the National Assembly’s subsidiary conditions in 2007.)’

Regarding budget, while Presidential Candidate, Moon Jae-In (Democratic United Party) stated his position on Nov. 8 that the Party Opinion on the naval base project is to stop construction first then re-examination of the project.

The Pan-Island committee has a plan to carry on one-man protest to demand the ‘whole budget cut,’ in front of the Jeju branch of the Democratic United party, Jeju City from the morning of Nov. 14.

People here are mobilizing themselves to send protest messages to the facebooks and tweets of the members of the National Assembly.

How you can help us to cut the budget? Please pressure the ROK National Assembly to cut the whole budget of naval base. Contact, or Moon Jae-In, Permanent Advisor, Democratic United Party, Presidential candidate:

 Otherwise, please leave messages in the below sites to pressure the National Assembly members (Democratic United Party)

Moon Jae-In’s Facebook page

Ahn Kyu-Baek’s Facebook page (Ahn Kyu-Baek is a coordinator of the National Defense Committee of the National Assembly, Democratic United Party)

Kim Woo-Nam’s Facebook Page (Kim Woo Name is the Jeju-based National Assembly man, Democratic United Party)

Kang Chang-Il’s Facebook page   ( Kang Chang-Il e is the Jeju-based National Assembly man, Democratic United Party)

Kim Jae Yun’s Facebook page (Kim Jae-Yun  is the Jeju-based National Assembly man, Democratic United Party)

Jang Hana’s Facebook page (Jang Hana is the Jeju-origin National Assembly woman, Democratic United Party)


# The Jeju based or origin National Assembly men/women (All are Democratic United Party members)  are making their best efforts to cut the budget. Please encourage and support them to put more pressure to their party colleagues. Thanks Abigail for providing above  facebook  information.


TWEET/ EMAIL  ADDRESS/ PHONE NUMBER of the National Defense Committee (Democratic United party):


Ahn Kyu-Baek (Floor vice- representative of the Party)  @AGBhope     02-788-2601

Baek Goon-Ki      @kmageneral      02-788-2893

Kim Gwang-Jin        02-788-2029

Lee Suk-Hyun      @lsh4u        02-788-2951

Kim Jae-Yun     @kimJaeyun      02-788-2066

Jin Sung-Joon (Floor vice- representative of the Party)

Kim Jin-Pyo (Floor representative of the Party)

( Source: Click here  and here)


Photo by Kang Ho-Jin, Nov. 13/Peace activists are holding one-man protest in front of the National Assembly to cut the budgets on the naval base project. With 200 billion own, there are so many things that you can do for people’s welfare: Free meals and education for children, tuition support for students, irregular workers’ position change to regular workers etc.

Photo by Cho Sung-Bong in his  Ohmynews article, Nov. 13 /People are desperate to stop 24 hour construction(destruction) that started on Oct. 25. The photo is on Oct. 26 when people are desperate to stop construction vehicles in front of the main gates of the construction site.



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