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On the 8th anniversary of  Jeju’s designation as “The Peace Island” (Jan. 27, 2005), people from around Korea will have an event commemorating that anniversary and to make a new declaration, designating Jeju as as “The Demilitarized Peace Island.”

The idea was initiated in Gangjeong at the beginning of 2013 and cultivated through the gathering of people’s opinions and ideas over the course of several weeks.

Event Details:

Time: Sunday, January 27, 2013, 3pm to 6pm, dinner following the event.
Venue: 4.3 Peace Park Great Hall
Participation Fee: 10,000 won
Content: Part 1: Declaration/ Part 2: Introduction of each participant and each participant’s sharing about their idea for a Demilitarized Peace Island (about 1 minute per person)/ Part 3: dinner
Contact: Dr. Song Kang-Ho – 010-8891-5072/ jejudmz@gmail.com

  • Even if you don’t pre-register, you can register in the venue on January 27.
  • Only the names of individual people (ie: not organizations or groups) who will actually be present in person for the event will be allowed. This is to avoid formalities and to be able to take direct action on responsible follow-up measures.
  • There will be space to distribute materials related to the Demilitarized Peace Island movement


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The official statement and events of January 27 are now being translated. They will be put on savejejunow.org as soon as they are available.

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