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The below videos are the editions by Mr. Go Gwon-Il  (Gangjeong village, Jeju Island) of the original 812th ‘PD Note’ program (about 14 min.), ‘Why the Gangjeong Villagers, Jeju Island, Are Furious?’ broadcast by MBC on May 5, 2009.

The 1st part is about 10 min and the 2nd is about  3 min.

One can glance the navy, NIS, Island government’s psychology warfare against the villagers: how the naval base project has been brought up to the Gangjeong village in an undemocratic way, how it brought the conflicts among the villagers and how it caused the fury and frustration of the villagers.

The Jeju Sori has reported on the program on May 6, 2019.

The villagers use to say it was like a kind of military operation (meaning psychology and information warfare) when the navy has brought the project in the village. It was not only in Gangjeong, but in the 1st and 2nd naval base candidate areas of Hwasoon and Weemee as well).

This video will provide some clues on how the military utilizes  division strategy to install bases in  places.

The most striking evidence of the navy’s psychology operation against the villagers is shown around 8 min.

Here is the rough translation from that part.


Transcript ( 7 min. 53 to 9 min. to 10 min. 18 sec. )

7 min. 53  sec. 7분 53초

이것은 취재중 PD 수첩이 입수한 문건입니다. 해군 기지와 관련해서 유관 기관이 회의한 내용이 담겨 있읍니다. 과연 어떤 말들이 오갔을 까요? 그 내용은 충격적입니다.

This is the document that the ‘PD Note’ has gotten during the coverage. It contains the meeting contents by institutes, related to the naval base plan. What content was possibly discussed? The [exposed] content is shocking.

8min.10 sec. 8분 10초

There was the meeting on the naval base construction issue by the related institutes last September.

8min.15 sec. 8분 15초

제주 환경부 지사
Governor of the Environment Department, Jeju Island

‘이제는 추진 단계, 걸림돌은 제거하고 가야…
Now is the stage to drive [the plan]. An obstacle should be removed…

해군이 주도해서 공세적으로 해야 한다.
With the navy’s lead, one has to be aggressive.

분열은 좋은 상황. 공세적 법집행 필요함.
Division brings a good situation. Aggressive law-execution is needed.’

8min. 27 sec.

경찰 Police

‘도에서 조그마한 것이라도 공세적으로 고소 고발해야 경찰도 조치 가능

The Island has to accuse and prosecute even if it is a small thing. Only then the police can work with measure…

인신 구속 있어야 수위 낮아져…

Only by imprisonment of personnel, the level of [resistance] will be low.’

8min. 40 sec. 8분 40초

National Intelligence Service

제주 지검 차장 만나 해군 기지 관련 불법 행위에 대해 엄격히 법 집행 요구…
The National Intelligence Service met the vice-director of the Jeju Public Prosecutors’ Office and has demanded the strict law execution against the illegal activities related to naval base…

“외부 세력 개입에 대해 서는 강정 찬성 측에서 문제 제기하면 국정원, 경찰이 측면 지원”
“Regarding the outside supporters, if the Gangjeong group who is in favor of the plan raises the issue, the NIS and police will side-support to them.”

[…] […]

10min. 18sec. 10분 18초

Reporter 보도자:

“이상하게도 회의록에서 논의된 내용은 마을 내에서 실제 벌어지고 있었읍니다.
Strangely, The content that has been discussed in the meeting report was actually happening in the village.

특히 고소 고발 건은 이미 이 마을에서 낯선 일이 아닙니다.
Specially, accusations and prosecutions are not unacquainted things any more.

주민들에 따르면 (공무 집행 방해등) 해군 기지 관련해 접수된 것이 총 32건입니다.
According to the villagers, the cases registered, related to the naval base issues (such as the ‘interruption of the government business execution’) are total 32.”

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