Update: Dr. Song Kang-Ho was released on Nov. 29. Please see here. And Mr. Kang Bu-Eon was released on Dec. 3.

Regis Tremblay, a movie director of ‘The Ghosts of Jeju,’  thankfully made these images for the English speakers. Bruce Gagnon writes in his blog:

These good people are right now languishing inside the jail house on Jeju Island, South Korea.  And there are more on the way.

Their crime?  Trying to non-violently block the construction vehicles from entering the Navy base “destruction” site in Gangjeong village.  In the case of Yang Yoon-Mo he got an 18 month sentence.  And many people are being given severe fines to pay.

One activist from Hawaii, who spent considerable time in Gangjeong village in solidarity with the villagers, has reported: “There is no heat for male prisoners (I do not know about the women’s section of the jail) during the frigid months of winter. The conditions are inhumane.”

We can’t ever forget these good people who are fighting for peace, the environment, and human rights.  See more at the official Jeju web site Save Jeju Now.


# Among the five, Mr. Kang Bu-Eon is a village elder, who has spent lots of time in his childhood on the Gureombi Rock. He had taken care of his sick wife who fell down for a stroke eight years ago. He himself takes four medicines for illness.








Banner image by Haku Kim/ photo by Choi Hye-Young. The banner reads, “these are no-guilty. Immediately release all the prisoners imprisoned for their crying for the peace of Gangjeong~”

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