In this August/ September 2018 Edition :

US Nuclear Aircraft Carrier, Japanese Imperial Rising Sun Flag in Jeju naval base?/ Bringing 100 year conflict to the villagers/ Inter-Island Solidarity for Peace of the Sea Camp & Jeju Grand March for Life and Peace, 2018/ Interconnections between Korea and Yemen/ Okinawa Carries On Onaga’s Legacy/ RIMPAC, New PTA Commander and Hawai’i County Council War Crimes Inquiry/ USA is coming back to Taiwan/ Northeast Asia Regional Peacebuilding/ Following the shadow of Seodal Oreum/ Seongju is still at war with THAAD missile deployment/ Blue House directly involved with human rights violations/ Arms sales and President Moon’s Peace through Strength /2018 Asia Peace Education Workshop/ Story of Bijarim/No Space Force: Keep Space for Peace and more



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