In this December 2017/January 2018 Issue Edition :

Withdrawal of Navy Lawsuit, Start of New Year; Rejecting Militarism on the 80th Anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre; Martha Hennessy’s St. Francis Peace Center Visit; Naval Blockade & Nuclear Posture Review; Nuchi Du Takara
(All Life is a Treasure); International Solidarity (Solidarity with Ahed); ‘Sirens normalize the potential for war’; Round 3 of Jeju 2nd Airport Contention; Trial Updates ; “Night & Day” Recital; Peace School Updates; More on The Memory of the 25th Hour; etc 

  • In this issue, there are many issues that we could not include due to limited space.  All they are precious to share. Please check out some links among those:

Vancouver Womens’ Forum on Peace and Security on the Korean Peninsula    

Hawaii County Urges U.S. To Find Peaceful Solution To North Korea  

Justice for Hiroj


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